Digital Design 21: Appetizers

Appetizers Event Hallway Shot

The most satisfying moment of our profession is when we observe a group of our students completing their academic year after all the hard work and devotion they put in their portfolio. April 17th was one of those nights, we watched Digital Design Class 21 get in front of the industry and present their graduate projects one by one.

Andrea Presenting

The Appetizers Event normally begins with an half-an-hour reception at 5:00pm, followed by the Graduate Project Presentations, which goes for about 90 minutes. Each student get 3 minutes to take the audience through their journey. They explain their creative process and how they reached the end result, while also refering to skills they have learned during their one year of study at VFS to become a Digital Designer. It is pretty hard to impress a group of highly skilled and experienced industry guests in 3 minutes, but they all did an amazing job!

Amrit Presentation

After the presentations are done, the guests get a chance to mingle and meet students one-on-one while being served delicious bites and drinks, which our Grads purchase for them with tickets they were given prior to the mingling session. It’s a chance for our students to talk more about who they are and what they are interested in, and it’s also a chance for industry guests to get to know more about a specific project presented by a student.

Lina Presentation

What our students accomplish during their year at VFS is admirable: not only do they have to stay on top of all of their courses and submit assignments during each term — they have to finish their graduate projects and put together an industry-ready portfolio.

Daniel Presentation

It was a pleasure riding with you guys. Good luck with your careers! We are looking forward in hearing your success stories soon!

Paulina Presentation

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