Beautiful Graffiti & Reverse Graffiti

street scene from see no evil beautiful graffiti festival

For years I thought of graffiti as a disrespectful and deliberate defacement of things that people put time and effort into building. Ugly and just not very nice, especially if it happened to your car or fence. But I have since come to see graffiti with a different eye; I’ve seen it used beautifully in interiors, as a typeface in ads and to beautify some of our building faces and dull urban areas.

A good example of Beautiful Graffiti can be seen in See No Evil, a street art project in Bristol England.

Go Gentrly - graffiti by Moose

Taking graffiti to the opposite side of the spectrum, we have Reverse Graffiti, and someone who inspires me — Paul Curtis, aka Moose — who not only makes graffiti, but does it beautifully, usually with a message, and it cleans up ugly urban areas at the same time (because he actually creates his art by cleaning dirt and grime off surfaces). NPR did an interview with Paul Curtis about his process.

St James Hospital graffiti by Moose

Check out this video to find out more about Reverse Graffiti!


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