Digital Design Summer Intensive : Branding A Superhero

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The VFS Digital Design Summer Intensive is happening all this week (July 16 – July 20) and it’s off to a good start. The focus is Motion Design, and the exercise is branding yourself as a superhero. The first day started with Digital Design Instructors Myron Campbell, Kyle Norby and Student Mentor Monica Martinez giving a primer on Branding, and then getting the students to imagine themselves as either a superhero or supervillain.

Superhero Emblems Drafts

Each student created a character sheet for their hero or villain, which they named based upon their superpowered abilities and personality quirks. They took note of their weaknesses and physical characteristics, including costume details, and also outlined similar parameters for their archnemesis. They then sought to encapsulate all of this into a representative emblem (the superpower’s “logo”).

Character Sheet for Hue-Man

In the afternoon, Digital Design Instructor Karen Whistler  guided the summer intensive students through a comprehensive tutorial in Adobe Illustrator, focusing on the tools and techniques they needed to isolate the emblem from their paper drawn drafts and transform it into a vector graphic. Karen focused on such techniques as Linking Files, Masking, and the Blob Brush. The results are great and the prospects of this theme are looking very promising indeed.

Superhero Emblems Final

Eventually, the students will create a Motion Graphic Video that will feature themselves dressed in costume (complete with their emblem), striking their superhero pose. Keep an eye out here on oomph for the results – should be a lot of fun!

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