Creative Beginnings Week 2 : Meet Craig Wilson

Creative Beginnings Week 2 Meet Craig Wilson

Back in August, VFS Digital Design greeted a new, diverse and exciting group of students. We’re looking forward to seeing them develop their professional careers as future designers. But first, let’s get to know a bit about some of them.

Creative Beginnings features five new students — a different one each week — from a variety of backgrounds, who tell us where they’re from, what their hopes and dreams are, what their inspirations are, what their first impressions are about the program, about their fellow classmates, about Vancouver, and what they do for fun!

For five weeks, each Tuesday, we present an interview with one of them and a nice portrait photo taken by our very own Danny Chan.

Sept 18 : Ya-Rou Tiffany Tsai
Oct 02 : Laura Patricia Hernández Torres
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Oct 16 : Seerat Bawa

Today (Sept 25) : Craig Wilson 

Craig Wilson Digital Design Class 25

Hi Craig!
To start with, can you tell us a bit about yourself, your background, where you’re from, what your goals are — and what do you do to have fun?

Well, my name is Craig Wilson, but I also answer to Willy, Wilson and Mr. Wilson. I’m 31 years old, and I come from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (hometown is Archerwill, Sk, pop. 250). I’m engaged to a smart and beautiful girl named Jacelyn (family physician). I have a background as a school teacher (I did a 4-year Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Geography, and then pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Education). I’m also a musician (I’ve released 5 albums and toured most of the country). My current band is called The Barrelmen. I like sports: I play hockey, baseball, and soccer. I try to run every day.

To relax or reenergize, I like to go for a run…and then negate it with a beer.

What are three words that describe yourself?


Can you tell us about someone who inspires you?

Design-wise, no one in particular inspires me. I tend to be attracted to old, classic things: vintage typeface, traditional tattoos (sailor tattoos), old logos and crests. I guess because it’s all clean and bold and timeless.

I love my friends and family. They inspire me.

Why did you choose to come to VFS?

I chose VFS because of it’s track record, the amount of content covered, it’s connections, and because of the good vibes I got when I came here for a tour.

Three words that describe your first impressions?


What’s been the biggest surprise about being here so far?

The biggest surprise so far is how vast the curriculum is. I knew it was diverse, but I am learning a LOT of content from so many different areas.

What’s the one most important thing you’d like to accomplish this year?

I want to be able to create similar works to the ones that are blowing my mind right now, which don’t seem possible.

What does Design mean to you — How do you see yourself as a Designer?

I hope to have a job in design, so I can be creative on a daily basis and look forward to Monday mornings. It’s also very satisfying to make people happy and excited by your work.

I’m here because I have fun designing things. I’m not going to get all philosophical or anything. It’s fun, and how sweet would it be to do that for a living?

Who’s the coolest person you’ve met at VFS, so far?

Everyone has been pretty cool so far. I’m looking forward to getting to know all of these people well; nothing better than more friends.

Thanks Craig — we look forward to hearing more about your experience!

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