Creative Beginnings Week 4 : Meet Ian Brady

Creative Beginnings Banner: Meet Ian Brady

Back in August, VFS Digital Design greeted a new, diverse and exciting group of students. We’re looking forward to seeing them develop their professional careers as future designers. But first, let’s get to know a bit about some of them.

Creative Beginnings features five new students — a different one each week — from a variety of backgrounds, who tell us where they’re from, what their hopes and dreams are, what their inspirations are, what their first impressions are about the program, about their fellow classmates, about Vancouver, and what they do to have fun!

For five weeks, each Tuesday, we present an interview with one of them and a nice portrait photo taken by our very own Danny Chan.

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Today (Oct 09) : Ian Brady

Photo of Ian Brady

Hi Ian!
To start with, can you tell us a bit about yourself, your background, where you’re from, what your goals are — and what do you do to have fun?

My name is Ian Brady. I am from Chicago, Illinois and I am 22 years old.

A lot of people consider what Digital Designers do everyday as a kind of hobby. I mean, originally, I was interested in all kinds of film and music, but that was during High School, when it all felt separate from education; as if I were some sort of outcast in this football-loving, Harvard-aspiring suburban village called Glen Ellyn, which was a small train ride away from the Windy City. People who do Design for a living surround me here at VFS, so it all feels normal to say this is a career.

Envisioning my future is funny to me. I ultimately want to direct feature films. My personal goal within the next 10 years is to release a feature in North America.

The reason I chose Digital Design is because its immediate career paths provide a much more hopeful business outlet than film did. I’m learning very quickly that Digital Design is very influential in every aspect of entertainment, which is important to me.

I like to joke that I have become a “Film Designer” with my actual prospective goal to have an emphasis in Interactive Design. It’s too early to know, so we’ll see where the wind may carry me.

In my opinion, Design seems to be a creative culture about overcoming the ambiguity of a new, organic problem. That’s good for me because I seem to be very ambiguous in terms of choosing a career path. The word around VFS seems to be that Design is an opportunity — so, for me, Design is hope.

To relax, I play video games, listen to music, and have taken to reading. Running in Stanley Park and taking in the scenery is something I can’t seem to live without, either. I run everyday. I think I might actually train for the marathon this year. I play the drums and have actually started to get involved with cooking as well.

What are three words that describe yourself?

Three words to describe me are: Unrelenting. Dedicated. And “Underdog”.

Can you tell us about someone who inspires you?

I think the Cinderella Story that has inspires me the most is of Nicholas Winding Refn, a Danish contemporary filmmaker, who most recently directed Drive. There is a culture about all of his films that doesn’t quit. His music selection rocks, too.

Why did you choose to come to VFS?

I chose VFS because it is more progressive and involved with its students than any college I have ever seen, especially against its top American competition.

Three words that describe your first impressions?

Three words to describe my first impressions of being at VFS here in Vancouver would be: Welcoming. Dreamlike — and yet, Familiar.

What’s been the biggest surprise about being here so far?

My biggest surprise so far would be how progressive and involved VFS is with their students. It’s the very opposite of American college culture.

What’s the one most important thing you’d like to accomplish this year?

The most important thing that I want to accomplish this year is to become competent in as many aspects of Digital Design as possible by showing an impressive final.

What does Design mean to you — How do you see yourself as a Designer?

Concerning my background as a designer, I’d like to say that my grandfather was a great inspiration to me, because he was a painter. I believe a passion for design and color has been a part of me since I was little.

Who’s the coolest person you’ve met at VFS, so far?

The coolest person I have met so far would probably be this guy named Fabio. Referring to himself as a storyteller, this guy lived in the mountains for a year in nature with a friend, looking at stars, and surviving on homemade roots, or something like that. He did ballet for 2 years and is currently getting SCUBA certified. I can’t wait to hear some wild story from him about how he wrestled a bear in Nam. What a crazy dude.

Thanks Ian — we look forward to hearing more about your experience!

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