Staff and Students Ready for Appetizers Grad Show 12-12-12

Digital Design's 23rd Graduating Class 12-12-12

VFS Digital Design is proud to present its latest group of talented new graduates at its Industry event Appetizers: Delicious Bites of Digital Design.

Appetizers showcases Graduating students’ work and ideas, and offers Industry leaders the opportunity to meet with them and talk informally over drinks and snacks about how they might improve the future of their companies and add to its creative life.

Many companies have found new members for their teams by this key event in the Digital Design program, and the news of its success is spreading. Each edition shows more Industry representatives in attendance.

Wednesday December 12th, 2012 (Tonight)
5:00PM | Wine, Beer & Buffet
5:30PM | Showcase of Work 

Networking to follow the event.

420 Homer Street | Main Theatre and Lobby


At VFS we love to celebrate all great work. Tonight (Wed Dec 12, 2012), our latest graduating class is showing off their best work at our annual Appetizers Grad Show. As staff we like to get into the spirit of these events early with some friendly competition. Brett Forsyth our interface development instructor and Thomas Mckeen, our Motion Teaching Assistant, decided to have their own Appetizer showdown on the 12th day of the 12th month of 2012. They challenged one another to eat 12 tacos at one of our favourite local lunch spots.

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