Push The Holiday Button: Gary Sylvester (NOISE Digital) PlayStation Campaign

The PlayStation Holiday Button

Digital Design grad Gary Sylvester has been having a great time working at NOISE Digital. They recently launched a Playstation Canada holiday promotion called The Holiday Button.

Gary was pretty excited about it, especially since he developed the concept and did all the design work for it. In just 24 hours after launching on November 1st 2012, they saw some pretty insane engagement:

Clicks:  5,500,000
Unique Visitors: 1,419
Bounce Rate: 12%
Time on Site: 00:20:34 !!!

That’s pretty impressive considering there was no media driving traffic other than an ad in Cineplex Magazine and a single Facebook post.

Holiday Button Campaign for Web and Mobile

We asked Gary to give us the lowdown on this succesful campaign, which ends on December 20 — He’s hoping to get to 150,000,000 clicks! — And here’s what he told us:

Gary Sylvester : As a member of the creative team at NOISE Digital, I was given the opportunity to contribute my ideas and concepts to a really exciting holiday promotion for Playstation. The timeline was short and the expectations were set high, so we broke into teams of two and spent an hour brainstorming ideas.

After a brief pitch and some back and fourth, we decided to go forward with my idea to create the Simplest Promotion Ever. We deliberated over features and game elements to weave into the experience, but ultimately ended up back at the essence of the original idea: SIMPLE — And thus was born The Holiday Button!

How it works:

Each click is an entry into the Grand Prize Holiday Draw, and each click is a chance to win an Instant Win Game. As you click, the button comes to life and gives you  a wonderful array of messages that encourage you to keep clicking….keep clicking…keep clicking…

The product carousel at the bottom features the PS Holiday Lineup and an option to click I Want This to share that product on your Facebook Wall.

iPhone Screenshot Posting to Facebook

The Campaign launched on November 1st, 2012 with a print ad in Cineplex Magazine. We were given the middle page of the publication where the magazine flips from right side up to upside down. We saw this as a cool opportunity to make an ad that would work if read from either side of the magazine.

Cineplex Magazine Holiday Button Ad

Over the course of the campaign, this little button generated some serious buzz with over 100,000,000 clicks, lots of social interaction, and lots of broken mouses. So go and get your click on, try to win a game and get yourself entered to win the Grand Prize, because the button will self destruct on December 20th! (Only one day left!)

Holiday Button Screenshot

Congratulations Gary — and Good Luck to all you Holiday Button pushers!

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