Dark Igloo Create Video For Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project

Digital Design grad and Dark Igloo co-founder Mark Miller as Carbon Polution

Dark Igloo created another video for Al Gore‘s Climate Reality Project last month called The Price of Carbon, which launched last Wednesday (March 20, 2013). According to Digital Design grad and Dark Igloo co-founder Mark Miller, “It turned out to be pretty stylish.”

Mark and his partner, co-founder Dave Franzese, sent us some great shots, including a couple of great behind the scene moments they captured.

Mark tells us, “We shot The Price of Carbon in a rush, in the midst of another full scale production for m ss ng p eces (who is the executive producer of all our video work & our rep as directors now). Everyone was burning the candle at both ends inside a fire pit. Even the narration by our friend Reggie Watts was recorded cross country at midnight on a Friday night.”

Dark Igloo co-founder Dave Franseze signing the check for the cost of carbon

As pressed as they were for time, working to get this clever piece done on schedule, they also had a lot of fun doing it. Mark says, “It was an amazing team effort that got this done from start to finish in about two weeks.”

Still from Dark Igloo video The Price of Carbon

The piece was produced using whatever they could pull together in the short period of time they had. It’s amazing what they came up with, and they were very happy to be able to put some long cherised objects into the piece: “I’m stoked that we finally got to use the “Bananas Cool at School or at Home” poster — what a gem.”

Still from Dark Igloo's video for Al Gore The Price of Carbon

“It’s a special treat to get the chance to make something with a positive message that is also so fun to look at.”

Scene from Dark Igloo video The Price of Carbon

Have a look at the video below, where “comedian / musician Reggie Watts lays out the billion-dollar connection between fossil-fuel energy and dirty weather events like Superstorm Sandy.”

Congratulations to Mark, Dave and the rest of the Dark Igloo team — Nice work!

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