Vine Star Meagan Cignoli

Vine Screenshot from website

About a month ago I downloaded the Vine app on my phone. The final project of VFS’s Motion 1 class is to create a 20-40 second stop motion video. So Vine is a great source of inspiration for this assignment. It also gives me a way to practice making the videos on my own. It is a lot of fun to use. It is like Instagram but instead of pictures, it uses five-seconds of video. The app is so simple to use that it makes stop motion possible for almost anyone.

One of my favorite Vine users to follow is fashion photographer, Meagan Cignoli.

Meagan Cignoli uses everyday objects like her purse, tea sets and flower vase. Her videos are whimsical and full of color. The simplicity is great. Her videos are so popular that now she even creates vine videos for clients like Puma and EbayNow.

Unfortunately for Android users, Vine is only available for the iPad or iPhone.

Below are some of my favorite videos by Meagan Cignoli.

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