Shorefast: The Small Town Innovation of Zita Cobb




Zita Cobb (top-left) grew up in Fogo, a small town along the northeast coast of Newfoundland and moved at 16 years old for greater opportunity. After retiring, she returned to Fogo and founded Shorefast – a social enterprise focused on reviving rural economies through art, design and innovation. Shorefast developed creative residencies (bottom right) and the Fogo Island Inn (top right, bottom left). The design of the buildings is the result of combining two major themes – traditional Newfoundland heritage with modern architecture.

The studios were created as a place for artists and designers from around the world to come and develop their ideas which in turn help communities find new sustainable ways of living. This is needed in many rural communities due to the collapse of industries they once survived on.

This is an amazing project. After growing up in Newfoundland and seeing traditional heritage buildings along its coast, it’s really cool to see the architectural design they’ve come up with. I like a lot of different aspects of design but it really strikes a cord with me when people use it to solve important problems and improve the lives of others. This project uses creativity to find new ways of living, without loosing culture.

Monacle magazine has written a great story about Zita Cobb and Shorefast here. Check it out!

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