The Vein Magma

Dvein, a filmaking and animation collective in Barcelona, Spain, created a visual adventure video for adobe, and the song they used is named The Vein Magma.

When playing the video at first I saw some white mountains with rivers, but when the camera starts moving you can see that it’s not a typical landscape,but a landscape made of melted colors and strange forms.

Then the video starts to become a little weird when old faces appear like volcano craters with their mouth wide open erupting rivers of color.The video show us ancient people screaming and melting maybe as a representation of the mountain erupting, maybe the designers were trying to represent a scream from nature.

I think it was very intelligent how the creators of this animation used inspiration as real landscapes, and how they used white and black at first so you could feel the transportation into this world of wild explosion of colors.

Now I can see how the world that it’s around us always has something to offer, its up to us if we take it to transform and create ideas.

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