Designing for the eHealth and Wearable Technology Revolution!

Here is our brand new collection of connected and wearable devices, which we will be experimenting and playing with as part of the newest VFS Digital Design course – “Wearable Technology and eHealth” – which will be taught by Karen Whistler. We have JawBone and the UP band, the latest Fuelband, Hue and Sphero!

However, this course is about more than play—we will be using the devices for hands-on experience with emerging technology. Students will be using them to unpack and validate thinking behind the underlying tech and how systems like these will integrate into all aspects of our lifestyle in the near future. In this course, the final deliverable will be to prototype an eHealth solution.  This will be shown through a Case Study video that communicates the Big Idea, initial prototype and pitches where the project would head next if given adequate funding.

Wearable Technology and eHealth will introduce students to new techniques for Design thinking in line with the most current technology, wearable products and the growing eHealth market. Empathy will play an important role in this course and be an integral part of the Design process.

The course begins by introducing a new technique for design thinking and builds to emphasize building empathy within the design process. Through examining trends, exposure to current connected/wearable products and reviewing the history of connectivity, students will gain a foundation of knowledge in which to prototype an eHealth idea. Based on principles of hacking, students will use familiar devices and provided tools to develop the first round of contextual prototypes.

Play will still form a vital part of this course – students will prototype Contextual experiences through role playing out scenarios, and they will also be using scissors, sticky tape and paper to make prototypes.

Stay tuned to OOMPH, we will be documenting the course and keeping you updated as the course unfolds. Lesson 1 will feature a guest workshop with Nik Badminton.


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