Projection Mapping Party Slam!

The Digital Design program knows how to promote a party. To prove this, we held a 45-hour SLAM to design a campaign for a party experience for the social media age. On Wednesday, July 23rd, a kickoff meeting was hosted by Head of Department Louise Lee and instructor Christopher Quine. The images of the two of them were projected onto the screen as they delivered the brief. It was a precursor of the challenge that awaited the students.

The creative brief revolved around promoting a party of the students’ choice. They were tasked to use all their skills as designers drawing on what they had learned up to this point about project management, branding, motion design, interactive design, social media, and art direction to craft a campaign to promote their party. A new element for this Slam was a projection mapping component. The Digital Design program is no stranger to projection mapping. We have had guest speakers and an award-winning student group project recognized by Applied Arts.

Required deliverables for this design challenge were to include a marketing strategy that promoted the party, a projection mapping experience that complemented their chosen event theme, and a combination of motion and interactive design assets. This Slam was conceived by Christopher who leveraged his extensive experience with interactive installation projects. The event catered to the skill sets of both the Interactive and Motion Design students. It got them thinking of designing for a physical environment as well as web and print-based media. For almost all of the students, it was their first foray into creating assets for a projection mapping experience.

Digital Design Slams are intense. They offer opportunities to test skills and to add another project to students’ portfolios in a short time frame. Teams were formed from the three classes at various stages of their school year. This allowed the students to strengthen ties between the classes and to build their network.

Immediately following the kickoff meeting, the teams were announced, and the students were supplied a pizza dinner to fuel their brainstorming process and formalize their concepts to pitch to a panel made up of Louise, Christopher, and myself the next morning. The teams worked feverishly for roughly the next day and a half to maximize their team strengths, manage scope, and meet the 3:15pm Friday afternoon deadline. Presentations of the teams’ results took place shortly after. The members of a packed theatre audience were treated to some of the strongest work we have ever seen in a Digital Design Slam. We will have another OOMPH post to share the amazing projection mapping videos.

A pair of awards were presented to close out the successful event.


The People’s Choice was awarded to the Shape Shifters for their Tetrisutra party.

Ignacio Osorio Santiago

Lina Maria Plata Chung

Jose Escrig

Sebastian Astaiza

Kelsie Butterworth

Da Eun Jeong

The Edge Blenders took home the Critics’ Choice with their House of Magic themed event.

Brenda Lillian Ortiz Navarrete

Breanne Jansen

Jordan Barber

Kien Nguyen Tran

Paul Goerne

Jamie Moon

Igor Cardoso

from left: Head of Department Louise Lee, Kien Nguyen Tran, Brenda Lillian Ortiz Navarrete, Jordan Barber, Paul Goerne

Amazing work, everyone! The bar has been set. Congratulations to all the Slam participants!


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