Congratulations VFS Digital Design Class 28

Congratulations to Digital Design class 28! After countless hours of project management challenges, client meetings, storyboarding, brand positioning, kerning, wireframing, prototyping, debugging, animating, texture mapping, rendering, spending quality time with Moodle, and trips to the coffee shop, you have graduated!

On August 21st, we held our graduation ceremony and Awards Show for class 28. Red Borrowman, Program Manager, oversaw the ceremony and introduced each speaker. Louise Lee, Head of Department, delivered the keynote speech, and Miles Nurse, Director, Innovation & User Experience, offered some parting words of wisdom as the elected instructor speaker. Grant Wilson and Madison Kaylo were the elected student speakers who represented the graduating class.

To showcase a selection of their amazing work, we also held an Awards Show. We would like to thank Anne Forkutza, Kristy Streefkerk, Ryan Semeniuk and Myron Campbell for presenting the Graduate Project award nominees. The faculty, staff, and students would also like to thank all the family and friends who attended this event. The following is a list of the nominees and winners of their respective categories.

Best Communication Design
(the project which most effectively fulfills the brief while demonstrating sophisticated messaging, conceptual and aesthetic ability)

Presenters: Dougal Muir & Karen Whistler

Estefania Cortes – Chocoholic
Erick Reguera – Takushi
Gabriel Santiago – Ember Hotel
Gabriel Santiago – Norden Coffee (winner)


Best Motion Design
(the project which most effectively fulfills the brief while demonstrating the ability to convey a clear and compelling message, powerful visuals complimented with strong auditory experience)

Presenters: Nida Fatima & Danny Chan

Marisa Brignole – Polly
Kelly MacQuarrie – The &
Mirian Alves – Labo
Marisa Brignole – Celestial (winner)


Excellence in Instruction
(instructor(s) who demonstrates excellence in instruction and exemplifies passion, innovation, experience and results in their teaching methods)

Presenters: Gabriel Santiago & Kelly MacQuarrie

Gerard Barcelon
Danny Chan
Vida Jurcic
Dougal Muir
Karen Whistler
Nida Fatima (winner)


Best Interactive Design
(the project, which most effectively fulfills the brief while demonstrating strong technical abilities in working with the necessary tools to create the operational aspects of the project. This can include but is not limited to Information Architecture, Interface / GUI design, and development)

Presenters: Christopher Quine & Stephanie Wu

Jose Escrig – ZOH
Madison Kaylo – Stash
Gabriel Santiago – Crumb
Mirian Alves – Doplr (winner)


Best Course
(This is awarded to the instructor whom the students felt prepared and delivered the best course in the program.)

Presenters: Madison Kaylo & Mirian Alves

Typography – Vida Jucic
Motion Imagineering Boot Camp – Nida Fatima
Motion Title Sequence – Nida Fatima
System Thinking – Karen Whistler (winner)


Best Team Project
(the project, which most effectively fulfills the brief by making synergistic use of the talents of the team members)

Presenters: Louise Lee & Miles Nurse

The Big Idea: This Is Not A Pencil (Marisa, Jose, Erick)
The Big Idea: Imagine Nation (Madison, Rishi, Pedro, Kelly)
Wearables: Modoc (Madison, Mirian, Jose)
The Big Idea: Homoselfein (Mirian, Estefania, Olivier, Grant) (winner)


Best Designer In A Supporting Role
(the student who throughout the year, in all instances, on all teams, actively contributed to the team and class environment, while consistently delivering a high quality of work)

Presenters: Yong Suk Kim & Olivier Le Guillou

Marisa Brignole
Estefania Cortes
Jose Escrig
Rishi Pinto
Erick Reguera
Gabriel Santiago
Mirian Alves
Grant Wilson
Madison Kaylo (winner)


Faculty Rock Star
(award selected by the students and presented to the staff member they felt provided a high level of awesomeness or support to their year at VFS)

Presenters: Grant Wilson & Zaki Lakhani

Grigor Cheitanov
Gagan Diesh
Lizzie Hudson
Danny Chan (winner)


Best Graduate Project
(This project is a reflection of a student’s commitment to the purpose, idea, and execution of the process. It is a project that reflects the vision and teaching of VFS as an institution, while recognizing truly exceptional professional level work.)

Presenters: Louise Lee & Miles Nurse

Mirian Alves – Doplr
Marisa Brignole – Celestial
Rishi Pinto – Kinesys
Gabriel Santiago – Crumb
Madison Kaylo – Stash (winner)


Best Portfolio
(This award represents the entire body of work produced by a student over the year.)

Presenters: Louise Lee & Christopher Quine

Mirian Alves
Marisa Brignole
Madison Kaylo
Gabriel Santiago (winner)


Photograph by: Arcelia Ocana

Photograph by: Arcelia Ocana

DD28, we’re all proud of what you have achieved and look forward to see what you do next.

Recruiters and Prospective Employers:

You can find a complete list of student portfolios here


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