Agency Visit: Sequence

(guest post by Shafakat Reshamvala)

Sequence. Yes, we definitely did something right last term to have been given the opportunity to visit this studio that creates truly incredible work . We visited Sequence in the Railtown district of Vancouver for one of our four Industry IQ agency visits.

The Sequence Group – 2013 – Spring from Sequence on Vimeo.

Absolutely amazed by Sequence’s astounding demo reel, we, the class DD30, were warmly welcomed by Dan Sioui (Executive Producer) and Elisa Wolfenden (Production Coordinator) to the cozy theatre room at Sequence. Dan shared his experience at Sequence and revealed what makes it a beautiful process working at a creative studio of talented individuals. Sequence burst into the industry by producing motion comics, and now generates work that encompasses animation, advertising, title sequences, live action and visual effects.

If you are anything like me who loves the experience of an exquisite fusion of moving pictures and jaw-dropping visual effects, you’ll appreciate their work. They combine beautifully captured live action footage with an aesthetic touch of design to form a perfect union. At Sequence, we saw this fusion in the making, with a talented team of 21 amazing artists which Dan says is “a perfect size for a boutique creative studio.” Every artist at Sequence is a unicorn: They are simply awesome at everything, from live action shoots, drawing, matte painting, 2D/3D modelling and animation, visual effects, and motion graphics.

Dan, also provided insight to how they handle initial client interactions to the delivery of the final product. Sequence is extremely versatile and is able to be a one-stop shop for their clients. They even have a motion capture camera rig installed at their studio. From concept to completion, they do it all.

We were introduced to all the artists at the studio, which included some Digital Design alumni. This helped us to understand the detail and the different processes of every role. The versatility of the talent of the Sequence team is absolutely unbelievable. Every artist has a broad range of skills which makes it their biggest strength as a creative studio. The studio visit was an amazing experience! We had the opportunity to see what is involved in making an amazing piece of motion design. Many thanks to Dan and the team at Sequence. We left feeling inspired to continue in our growth to become versatile artists.


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