Digital Design – wearables and the prototyping phase – OOMPH!

Our DD29′s have been busy in the workshop coming up with new and innovative tools and uses using various technology and household items. In this class we got into rough and tumble prototyping of our ideas. Students have been researching various sensors and technologies to help them realize their solutions to their briefs but this lesson was more about form factor and what it means to make a truly successful ‘wearable’ product.

Here we see Henry self-sewing his prototype basketball sleeve. Henry is designing a sleeve that will help bballers with their shot.

A few gyroscopes patched into a logic board and a bluetooth module sending data to a smart phone should do the trick!

Lisa came with an idea for a set of technology that will help professional piano players avoid, or at least reduce the problem of repetitive strain injury. Above, she has a few pressure sensors sending data back to a smart watch to analyze the data. Lisa quickly realized that all this gear on one hand could hinder practice time. Back to the drawing board!

Here we see Da and her initial prototype for a EEG device that aims to help detect epileptic seizures before they happen. I call it the E-Fascinator3000!

Sometimes LEGO and elastic bands are all that is needed to prototype. Here we see Denise coming up with a design for a temperature sensing/regulating glove. The LEGO is standing in for a fancy Arduino setup complete with copper coils to gently heat those digits on a frigid winter morn.

We were really able to dig deep and ask the tough questions around making something truly ‘wearable’. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next week! Fun times guys. Fun times. Photos: Grigor Cheitanov

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