Studio Tour: Sequence

(guest post by Daniel Molina)

Inspiring” and “enlightening” are words that describe our studio tour of Sequence. The variety of pieces of advertising, animations, titles, live action, and motion comics denote the creativity and passion that Sequence applies to every single project for its clients such as MicrosoftCapcomMarvel, and others.

After visiting two interactive agencies, it was time to visit a motion studio.  Personally, I was so excited to have this visit because I’d have the opportunity to know more about how the motion industry works and to get to chat with people that are really involved in this field.

Elisa Wolfenden, Production and Project Manager, was the person who guided our visit. She brought us into a cozy and modern conference room located on their first underground floor where she shared with us some recent motion pieces from the Sequence studio. The first motion piece was a cinematic piece for HALO that exemplified the level of teamwork they have. From producing the original concept and illustration, through to production art and animation, Sequence demonstrates the capability to offer stunning visuals in a variety of styles for game and film properties alike.

While watching their work, we perceived that Sequence has different approaches on vision and mission related. Elisa emphasized that Sequence perceives itself as a boutique studio where the staff and clients are like a family, and where values such as fellowship, hard work, and creativity have been the foundation underneath every single project since 2006.

The second part of our tour consisted of talking to some of the team at Sequence – some of whom were the creators of those stunning motion pieces we had just watched moments ago. Their working space appeared like a big warehouse with high ceilings, emphasizing the vast space of creativity and passion that Sequence includes in all of their projects. The Sequence team is approximately 12 people, including motion designers, composers, producers and art directors. Elisa introduced every team member to us and it was wonderful to have the chance to talk to them about their specialization and day-to-day activities at the studio. It was a great opportunity to share experiences, receive professional advice, and increase our network with great people in the industry.

Overall, it was an amazing experience that helped us have a clear idea for what to expect within the motion industry. We would like to thank Sequence for the warm welcome and great experience we had on our visit – it’s inspired us to move forward in our studies at VFS. Thank you, Sequence!


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