Our visit to Tribal DDB

(guest post by Jay Lee)

DDB is one of the most successful and award-winning international agencies. Digital Design Class 33 had the pleasure of visiting DDB Vancouver to catch a glimpse of their creative process. Upon entering the office, the walls proudly displayed framed work they have produced for various brands. We were escorted to the lounge, where we were greeted by Antonio Roman and Gabriel Santiago, Digital Design alumni who are now interactive designers at the agency, and Josh Fehr, the creative director of Tribal DDB.

After brief introductions, we were presented with some of their recent projects with EVO, Volkswagen, and Metropolis. The presentation was followed by a Q&A session where Josh and Antonio emphasized the importance of ‘share value’ in the digital era and original ideas that deliver tangible results. They led us on a tour around the office, where we experienced their creative process first-hand. The walls were covered with moodboards and style guides, which we have become very familiar with in our school curriculum. The team members were discussing ideas in a meeting with champagne in hand, which we learned is a fun Friday afternoon ritual at the office.

It was refreshing to witness the relevancy of our curriculum contents and the industry standards. It was also motivational to know that Antonio, who was hired by Josh upon graduating from the Digital Design program, has worked his way up to the senior interactive designer position at the agency. In conclusion, visiting DDB Vancouver was a valuable experience that influenced many of us DD33’s to stay inspired on our creative journey.

Special thanks to the Head of Department Louise Lee for arranging the agency visit, and Danny Chan and Grigor Cheitanov for accompanying us.


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