(guest post by Ana María Posada, DD34)

With rain on our backs we eagerly entered the underground building of Axiom Zen. Amy, a UX designer, welcomed us with a friendly smile. Axiom Zen is a Vancouver-based innovation company that develops apps and experiments with new technologies working with industry giants like Apple, Google, Baidu, and Facebook.

The first thing that struck me was the stillness in the office and the people who work there in an atmosphere of calm and concentration. I stood in awe watching employees working in front of their screens, some standing, some sitting, typing lines of code. They were so immersed in their work that few noticed our sizable presence.

We joined Amy in an open-spaced corner of the studio and sat down on Molo-designed seating for a brief introduction about the studio. She explained to us the dynamics of the work environment, their creative process and the types of projects that have been developed in the studio. Later, Amy was accompanied by Brian, Dieter and Nick to explain more about Axiom Zen and to answer all of our keen questions.

When the questions subsided, we started our tour of the studio. Divided into two groups, we toured the large spacious rooms. The employees were too busy or too in their zone to notice our presence. The work looked like a complicated secret. One great feature are the tables the employees work on. They can be lowered and raised to the height of someone’s choosing. Very useful for your back when standing or sitting for long hours. We worked our way to the far back of the office and found the yoga space for employees. A healthy mind and body produces better work and a better work environment.

When we arrived at the kitchen space Amy told us how important it is for their employees to have healthy snacks and drinks. A large mural of staff photos drew my attention and I realized that the people who looked deliberate in front of their screens a few minutes ago, were full of smiles and stories to tell. You can tell the employees at Axiom Zen love their work and the space they share.

Exiting the kitchen and around the corner we found ourselves immersed in VR technologies. It was a crazy experience and it really felt as if this was the place to be in developing innovative tech for the future.

The visit went by so quickly, and I had such an amazing time. All of us were given Axiom Zen t-shirts at the end. We left delighted we were able to be inside one of Vancouver’s upcoming studios, some of us with new expectations about our future roles in the design community. Overall the experience was very enriching and positive. Thank you, Axiom Zen, for having us!


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