DD SLAM: Futurism

(post by Grigor Cheitanov, Program Manager, Digital Design)

As part of their year at VFS Digital Design, the students have the unique opportunity to participate in a SLAM event. The event is a 45-hour challenge where students from all stages in the program get teamed up and are given a creative brief to execute. and is organized 3 times a year. SLAM offers the opportunity for students to test their skills, learn from their peers, and have fun thinking outside the box.

The latest event began with an evening kickoff by Louise Lee, Head of the Digital Design program at VFS, presenting the theme for the 1st SLAM challenge of the year – Futurism. Students were challenged to come up with a compelling motion design video as well as an interactive solution for a fictitious future brand. Following the presentation, students from all class groups were put in teams and quickly began brainstorming ideas. In the morning of the following day, the 5 teams presented their concepts to a panel of staff. For the concepts to be viable, criteria such as clear target audience, key message, art direction and solution to a problem have to be identified. Once approved, the teams then focused their efforts into production of their design solutions. In the afternoon of the final day, the teams present to all participants and staff. At the end of the final presentations, students and staff vote on their favourite solutions to the initial brief.

There were two categories for prizes – People’s Choice for participant’s votes and Critics’ Choice for Staff votes.  The winners of People’s choice were Adriana Tomaschett, Yi-Ting Hsieh, Mateus Linhares de Araujo, Julian Liao and Amara Kahlon for their brand package, landing page and motion design video promoting a 7 day trip in space onboard a state of the art cruise space ship. The winners of Critics’ choice were Tess Xie, Stuart Parker Irene Huang, Michelle Kang, Nizami Aghayev and Prity Pal for their solution for long distance relationships through the use of a 360 camera and an app interface that would allow the person who is away to be virtually immersed in events that their partners would like to share.

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