Innovation vs. Invention: the grad project so far…

What is the next big thing going to be? The next Instagram, Tumblr, or dare I say it, facebook? This is the question that myself and many other classmates wrestled with when brainstorming concepts for our end of year graduate project. The grad project is supposed to be the big shebang; it is the culmination of learning and hard work from the previous 9 months and ultimately it is what we as students use to “woo” potential employers. No pressure, right?

So quick, what is the next big thing?

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The Glowing Stars’ Innovative Album Design

Everyone knows that record sales are pretty stagnant these days. People are no longer buying hard-copies of their favorite albums and are instead resorting to downloading them (sometimes illegally) online. The whole notion of having a collection of records or CDs to sort through and organize is almost nonexistent in the days of iTunes. However, self-proclaimed “8-bit Indie Rock” group, The Glowing Stars have found a way to bring the past to the present and breathe new life into the hardcopy album. Pictured above is their packaging design for their latest album, Anything Past That. Using old Gameboy cartridges and 2GB USB flash drives, these hardcopies contain The Glowing Stars music, photos, videos and other bonus material. I love this kind of innovative design. The nostalgia of the Gameboy cartridge alone makes me want to order a copy.

The 45hr SLAM Experience : Team Popped Collars

Cole Derochie and Team Popped Collars working on the 45hr SLAM

Always check your email.

I say this because you never know when a 45hr SLAM might kick off. Heck, it could happen at 6 pm on some idle Wednesday, when you already have hard plans with your bed to get together for some sleep. Well, wake up buttercup, you’re at VFS, and you’re in Digital Design. I admit that I needed reminding.

Immediately following the ‘Futurists’ Digital Design Talk, students were gathered into teams to develop a conceptual prototype for a product that would be used in the “world of tomorrow.” As it was for the future, the opportunities were seemingly endless: augmented reality, holograms, teleportation — and even sharks with lasers — were examples of possible avenues to take in this open ended brief.

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Charlie Layton’s “Freezer Friday”

Freezer Friday post for January 4 2013

Looking at things on the Internet, I have come across some interesting expressions of creativity. I find it’s the things that people do for fun that really inspire me, because it tells me that they are truly happy doing what they do. The latest of these discoveries is the refrigerator artwork done by Philadelphia designer Charlie Layton, entitled Freezer Friday.
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