An Ideator in India

Fox History & Entertainment Digital Design grad Deepak Nailwal might have the best title since Walt Disney’s Imagineers: Ideator. That’s his job with Star TV in India, a network that includes channels like Star World, Star Movies, and National Geographic, among many others. His work as designer and ideator means collaborating closely with the ad sales department in creating strategies and designs for clients to run on the wide swath of channels under the Star banner.

We last blogged about Deepak when we talked about Meet the Deadline: VFS Students and Lifestyle Choices, a simple, whimsical, and addictive little Flash game he created with two classmates. This time, we wanted to find out more about what’s keeping him busy ‘in the field’ – Star’s Fox History & Entertainment.

How did you land the job with Star TV?

I must give credit to the Digital Design faculty for preparing us well.

I was quite worried by the economic conditions so I started job hunting almost two months before I even graduated from college. Therefore by the time I reached New Delhi I had three to four interviews lined up.

After giving a few interviews, I got my first break when I was called by Star TV for a group discussion. From then on, things worked well for me, and after giving two more interviews to the Creative Head and Chief Brand Strategist, I got the job. That all happened in under eight days.

Can you tell us a bit more about a project or two you’re working on’¦ any particular challenges or discoveries?

I am currently working on a recently launched channel, Fox History & Entertainment. The project is challenging because the core objective is to present historical facts in the garb of entertainment that would alter stereotypical notions about history.

Working in huge teams is also challenging, especially when there is a lot of money and brand value involved. The environment is even more challenging because of the current economic slowdown. The working hours have really increased and the quality of work has to be top-notch.

Fortunately my time in VFS was quite similar and helped me learn to manage my time and pressure.

“Ideator” must be one of the coolest new job titles around. Can you talk about how the Digital Design program helped you learn or improve skills that connect directly to the creative problem-solving in your work?

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The Duelity of Digital Design


Collaboration is a huge part of the VFS experience. But for two recent Digital Design graduates, Marcos ‘Boca’ Ceravolo and Ryan Uhrich, it defined their year.

They came from diverse backgrounds — Ryan grew up in Edmonton and Boca hails from São Paulo, Brazil. When they each decided to come to Vancouver to hone their motion design skills and their paths crossed at VFS, they clicked right away.

Ryan contributed to Boca’s Drop, a Term 1 motion graphics piece that was featured by YouTube editors and made the finals in the 2007 Adobe Design Achievement Awards in San Francisco. Then came Typographics, a slick animated introduction to typography that hit the front page of

The natural next step? Working together on their final project at VFS. The result is an ambitious split-screen exploration of Evolution and Creationism called Duelity. It’s already won a PopVox Award and screened at the Art of Digital show in San Diego.

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Boca Goes South

Guerilla Poster A while back, we told you about soon-to-be-Digital-Design-graduate Boca (aka Marcos Ceravolo) was going to San Francisco as a finalist in the prestigious Adobe Design Achievement Awards. It was a big deal to be recognized, and while his Drop didn’t win, it was still a great experience – and a free trip.

And it isn’t over yet. Boca sent a dispatch to the DD Blog tonight from San Diego, where he’s working for Adobe – along with some of his fellow finalists – at the Guerilla Studio at SIGGRAPH! The Guerilla Studio team had to pull together 12 posters in 36 hours, and Boca shares the results with us all over on the DD Blog.

Incidentally – and we’ve been waiting for an excuse to post this one – Typographics, the motion design piece Boca made with classmate Ryan Uhrich, was featured on the front page of a little while ago!

VFS Festivals & Awards – 2007