Great Design Podcast: 99% Invisible

Some design tasks require more cognitive thought than others, but when I’m working on a project that’s illustration or texture-heavy, one of my favourite things to do, is listen to a podcast. I recently stumbled on a really great design podcast called 99% Invisible which explores design, architecture, and those invisible aspects of designed objects that make them function better.

One example is a key pad on our iPhone. It would be pretty difficult to type numbers in that key pad if it wasn’t for the sounds that provide the feedback so that you kn0w when you type a number. They also explore topics such as say the origin of the teddy bearhow steering wheel design works, or how a ball of blue yarn led to a new design with less waiting areas in a hospital for cancer patients. Most of the podcasts are fairly short, no more than 10 minutes or so. So, if you have some brain space available, I highly recommend a listen to 99% Invisible (you can listen online, or download to iTunes).

David Kelley (co-Founder of IDEO) on Creative Leadership


If you’re not familiar with David Kelley or IDEO, I highly recommend a quick google. Or just listen to his answer to a question that John Maeda had posed to him: “What should future artists and designers know?” He gives some really great, real-world advice on the realities of being a designer in the industry, and what it means to face design constraints (After all, designers are great with constraints!). (Don’t forget to click the link).


Building Our Community at Maker Faire Vancouver & SIGGRAPH

Have you ever thrown a party and had that feeling, “what if no one shows up?”  Well, on June 25th of this year, I took on that feeling in a big way, by hosting a new event in the city, known as Vancouver Mini Maker Faire. A big part of hosting this sort of event and filling a room — along the list with project management and lots of meetings — is having an effective promotional strategy, paired with great design. Design that makes sense.

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