Respect The Process

“Respecting the Process” was an on-going motto I’d lived with all throughout my time at VFS Digital Design.  I knew, even before arriving at VFS, that process was something I needed to refine and work on; it was a part of my production that I was not very good at and I noticed my work was not living up to its potential because of this. Anyway, throughout my time at VFS Digital Design, it was process that got me through all the long, arduous late nights and the days when I thought I was going crazy. When things go insane or insanely horrible, I would repeat the words “Respect the Process” and I would get through my work just fine.

‘Process’ has pulled through for me yet again. These last few weeks have been very exciting for me. I moved away from Vancouver to head back home to Toronto where I was beginning my job hunt, which was stressful and intimidating at times. I arrived on Monday, January 30th and landed two interviews with motion graphics studios that week — CTV on Wednesday and Crush Inc. (my dream studio) on Thursday.

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Innovation is Everywhere

On July 24, I was fortunate enough to fly to Manila, Philippines for the screening of my first feature documentary, Product of the Philippines at the Cinemalaya Film Festival. The film is about Jennilyn Antonio and her family who have been fighting poverty all their lives. Several years ago, they had reached a point where almost all hope was lost until, through some divine inspiration, Jennilyn chanced upon a stack of peanuts at the market and was inspired to create her own unique form of peanut butter. Since that day in 2006, she has become one of the most successful micro-entrepreneurs in the Philippines and a huge success story.

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Keeping It Reel

We recently teamed up to create the title sequence for fellow student, Alvin Keung’s, VFX reel. This wasn’t a school project but we thought it would be a lot of fun and it would be nice to help out a student from the 3D Animation & Visual Effects program here at VFS. In this post, we each share our perspective on this project.

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