Vancouver Gets a CINEMA 4D User Group

Since I first moved back to Vancouver, I’ve been astonished at the growth of the CINEMA 4D user base. When I lived here prior, all my freelance projects were for US clients, and I felt like I didn’t really know anyone using CINEMA 4D in production. I even remember MAXON contacting me to do a sales demo for VFS to show them that CINEMA 4D would be the best 3D application for motion graphics.

The one challenge I constantly face since coming back, is that anytime I meet someone from a studio using CINEMA 4D, is the quick impulse they feel to ask a question or two when they discover who I am. I could clearly see there is a thirst for more knowledge and understanding of the software, but I could also see that there are a lot of individuals already crafting some really amazing work — one doing gorgeous global illumination renders, one doing awesome thinking particle setups, and, of course, a whole bunch of interesting MoGraph pieces. The real issue wasn’t the need for a single super knowledgeable user, but to have a proper forum for everyone to share their own work and discoveries, and learn from each other.

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Alumni Just Can’t Get Away from Game Night!

DD19 recently graduated just one month ago. I was fortunate enough to be asked by the class to be the instructor to speak at their graduation, which for me was quite an honor as they, as a whole, really made an impression on me. In trying to think of a theme for my speech there was little effort needed as there was one subject matter that defined their later months in the program and my connection with them — Game Night. Read More


For the first time ever, SIGGRAPH was held outside of the US and, lucky for us here at VFS, it was in our home town. For me as a SIGGRAPH frequenter, presenting at various booths for MAXON Computer Inc. since 2003, it was an interesting experience to go under the VFS banner this time and focus more on panels and talks and a little less on presenting. Unfortunately, I was so busy at the convention that I had no time to summarize the experience in daily posts, so here is a synopsis of the week as I saw it.


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Digital Design’s Own Colin Giles Leaves Us Touched

Recent addition to the Digital Design faculty, Storyboarding Instructor Colin Giles has taken advantage of some extra time to create a fantastic little short that brings a bubble to life and tells a simple but moving tale. Animated in Flash and with music accompaniment from his fiancee, it is my pleasure to introduce everyone to Colin and his fantastic film, Touched.