Digital Design Talks : Coast to Coast

Digital Design Talks May 22 : Coast to Coast

On Wednesday May 23, 2013 VFS Digital Design presented another in its series, Digital Design Talks, featuring current and past students, as well as key industry representatives of the Design field. The theme for Wednesday’s talk was Coast to Coast. The two guest speakers, who presented to students from all the current classes, were Arm Sattavorn and Marcos “Boca” Ceravolo. Arm is a current student in the program (Class 26) and Boca, who just happened to be in town visiting from São Paulo, Brazil, is a graduate of the Digital Design program (Class 7) and now Partner / Head of Design of the São Paulo based creative powerhouse

Digital Design’s Head of Department Miles Nurse introduced the evening and the first speaker, current student Arm Sattavorn.

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Mark Raham Q&A Session At VFS Digital Design

Digital Design's Q&A with Vancouver Canucks' Creative Director Mark Raham

Mark Raham has been very generous with his time when it comes to helping VFS Digital Design students understand the importance of bringing a brand to life, and this time was no exception — especially since it was on a game night during a very tense playoff round with the San Jose Sharks when he showed up to our Main Theater for a Questions and Answers session about his role in developing Layered Experiences as Creative Director for the Vancouver Canucks. We were particularly grateful on this evening for his commitment to mentorship , given that he was previewing the 3rd of his preshow projection mapping presentations that night (normally he does three of them over a regular season of about 3 minutes in length, and this was a short season)  — at an extended 6 minutes!

Mark Raham presents the heart of his Layered Experiences strategy
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Graduation and Awards Show : Class 24

Graduating Class 24

On Thursday, April 18, 2013, the 24th Class of the Digital Design program had their Graduation moment and then celebrated each other’s accomplishments at the Award Show.

The evening started off with Digital Design’s Program Manager Lizzie Hudson who introduced our host for the evening, Digital Design’s Head of Department, Miles Nurse.

Miles thanked the families for their support, which the students definitely appreciate and need during the rather intense year-long program. He thanked the students for their professionalism, for their endurance and fierce dedication. And he reminded them of their incredible achievement during the program. He asked them to reflect on how much they had actually produced during this time, and reminded them of what a great opportunity it was for them to be that creative — producing more work in one year than a lot of professionals manage over the course of their careers. He also reminded them of some of the fun that was had, and pointed out the importance of embracing failure, of failing often and moving on. He said that VFS doesn’t change who you are, rather, it shows you what is possible — what you are capable of.
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Appetizers : Class 24

Appetizers April 16 2013 Class 24

On Tuesday, April 16th, 2013, VFS Digital Design held it’s Industry Night event, Appetizers, for it’s 24th class. Appetizers is the penultimate event for Digital Students, held just two days before Graduation and the Awards Show (Thursday, April 18, 2013). It begins with a short meet-and-greet at 5:00pm, followed at 5:30 by the Graduate Project Presentations, which goes for about 90 minutes. Each student gets 3 minutes to introduce themselves, to explain the problem they’ve addressed, their process for coming up with a creative solution, the tools they mastered to help, and then show a brief video piece of their results.

Appetizers Class 24 group shot

It can be very difficult to tell the full story of your project’s development in just 3 minutes, but the students did a great job of it last night. Congratulations to them all for their hard work in realizing their creative ideas!

The theatre filling up for Appetizers

It was a full house last night, with many Design companies and studios being represented, including EA, Tidal, Ayogo, RelicSwitchDesign StampGiant AntDareTaxiDDBCossetteEast Side GamesBlast RadiusSequenceAxiom ZenAequilibriumInvoke Media and Linetest.

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Greatest Easter Egg Hunters, Just Did’R, And An Amazing Showcase

DD Easter Hunt Cards

Last night, April 16, 2013, VFS Digital Design put on one of the best editions of the DD Showcase yet. According to Senior Motion Design Instructor, Kyle Norby, the bar for work quality just keeps getting higher with each new class.

The evening started off with some awards for past events. First, came the awards for the greatest Easter Hunter. Digital Design decided to have a little bit of fun last Easter and planted small hollow plastic eggs all around the campus building, each one containing a different image of a staff or faculty member costumed in a suitably silly Easter-bunny type style. They then set the students out on a mission to find the complete set. The first three people (or teams) to find the full set won a prize. The tough part was, there were only 3 of one the images to be found. But even if you didn’t get the full set, there was always the possibility of finding the “wild egg” of Darren McQuaid, which promptly got you a chocolate bunny.

Greatest Easter Egg Hunters

Pictured, from left to right: Antonio Augusto Braz Dos Santos, Kayla Cherkas, Kyle Vandekleut and Craig Wilson

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