Pronto Pixel X Plastic Culture

Plastic Culture is the leading designer toys retailer, wholesaler and distributor in Indonesia. I am proud to be one of Plastic Culture’s Resident Artists, along with a few other rad designers/artist like Thunder Panda. We have been working together on a small T-shirt collaboration which will be revealed soon. Til then, here is a little sneak peek on what we are cooking up.

Member of The KDU

Recently, I got an invite to join The KDU to become apart of their online global community. I am grateful to be on board, joining some great designers to contribute and share some of my work and thought process with the rest of the world. You can check out my section of the blog here. And here is a little poster I created to get things rolling. I will be posting more work soon. Til then, cheers!

Self Promote with Flair

When looking for a design job, I think just sending out resumes and portfolio links can be a little boring. So I thought why not have a little fun and put together a small package that would make you stand out. Here is a simple self promo mailer that I designed to show off a selection of my work in a poster format and packaged with some business cards and resume to be dropped of at studios that I would love to work with. And plus everyone loves to receive a custom package — I know I do! -Pronto Pixel

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Death of a Berry

The basic idea of the Death Berry was inspired by strawberries and chocolate fondue.

I had the weirdest thought when I first came up with the sketch. Imagine, a bunch of strawberries who win a luxury weekend trip to an all-inclusive Hot Chocolate Spa. Little do they know what they’re getting themselves into when they accept the prize…

The concept was first developed in response to a 2D Graphics 2 course brief. We were asked to create a character that we might use for either an animation sequence or print design poster. The result, was the Death Berry. Depicted here, are the last moments of one of the little fellas before he gets eaten away. Yum, yum, yum!

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