Creative Beginnings – Meet Laura

For many, the new year brings excitement and endless possibilities. For us, it also brings a new class of students. January 3rd saw a new group of bright-eyed and eager students start the Digital Design program. The class sees one student from South Korea, and two Europeans (Portugal and Greece) joining a class with a near equal number of Latin American and Canadian students — 9 from Canada, 10 from Mexico and 1 from Venezuela. I would also like to note that 7 students in this group have completed the Foundation Visual Art & Design program at VFS before starting Digital Design. I, personally can’t wait to see how this mix of cultures and backgrounds influences their work as they collaborate and share experiences over the next 12 months.

Throughout their scholastic year, we’ll be surfacing stories of these students’ successes, and you’ll hear from many of them as they post their insights to our blog. Follow along and you’ll see them develop and grow as they transform into tomorrow’s creatives.

We’ll start off by profiling a handful of these new students, from differing backgrounds, to get their first impressions of this new experience. Every Tuesday for five weeks (starting today), we will showcase one of them in Q&A format with a photo taken by our very own Danny Chan 

Today – Laura invites us to dance with her.
Next week - Alex is excited to be in the ‘dream machine’.
February 7 - Samantha wants to be like water.
February 14 - Andy is surprised by Canada’s love for hockey.
February 21 - Mary loves the cultural diversity of the program. 


Name: Laura Cortes
Age: 23 years old
From: Lisbon, Portugal
Background:  I have a Communication Design degree from Lisbon Fine Arts. Since 2009, I’ve been working as a Multimedia Designer at a Portuguese publisher making educational children’s games, while I was completing a Masters in New Media. My biggest passion is dancing; it’s like an addiction to me. I love music as well (I played the cello for 10 years) and I miss it so much. My dream is to become really good at what I do! I want to have my own educational children games agency (already looking for partners :) ). I want to explore all the interactive design and user experience possibilities, and I want to apply them in the educational area.

Why VFS?
The final words I heard from my teacher back in the communication design program in Portugal were ‘Hmm… you should try a multimedia program, cause graphic design it’s not your main strength’. His honesty made me realize what I want to do as a professional. Since then, I promised myself I would learn everything I can in the realm of interactive design, so VFS seemed to be the perfect place to do it!

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A Lesson in Courage and Creativity from Sean George

Amber Bezahler met Sean George years ago when she was working at Tribal DDB and he was working at the Vancouver Art Gallery. She and her team were touring an exhibit at the gallery, KRAZY! The Delirious World of Anime + Comics + Video Games + Art, and Sean, who was giving the tour, brought the experience to life for them. She then had Sean come to Tribal on several occasions to conduct art+design workshops for her team to help revitalize their collective creative energy. Sean has since moved to Ontario but hearing that he would be in town for a few days, Amber leapt at the chance to have him present to our students.

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Rihanna Plays with Type in ‘You Da One’

At the tail end of 2011, Rihanna released the second single and accompanying video from her latest album ‘Talk That Talk’.

‘You Da One’ is the kind of music video that motion design students should pay attention to. In it, director, Melina Matsoukas, who also directed the controversial video for Rihanna’s previous chart-topper ‘We Found Love” creates a souped up lyric video (popular trend on YouTube) where the type is used not only to accentuate the lyrics but to create a mood and setting.

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Digital Design is Ready to Shine at the Winter Impact Awards

The year has only just started and we already have some great award news! The VFS Winter Impact Awards celebrate the incredible work that is being done throughout VFS by students in the 13 departments. The Entertainment Business Management program organizes and hosts this tri-annual gala event that brings students, staff and industry together for a fun night of awards, entertainment, food, and drink.

We’re proud to say that our Digital Design students have 6 nominations for the upcoming awards show.

Levente Opelcz impressed us all by creating Brother’s Tale, a video game designed and developed by a team of one using the Unity engine. Read Levi’s own blog story on what went into making this incredible game.

Amie Bennett’s stunning title sequence for a fictitious adaptation of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s ‘The Secret Garden’ is up for an award for setting design. To create the and enchanting world for this project Amie went to Queen Elizabeth park and took a series of photos that she then rotoscoped and animated.

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Infographics Galore

There are so many great infographics out there these days. Here are a few cool ones I’ve seen over the last month or two to inspire…

The History of SEO

Web Browser History

The Big Bang

Middle East Protests

Social Media

Apple Users Are the Most Generous

Anatomy of an Agency

The Redesigned London Tube Map

A Brief History of Web Standards

Kiva Microfinance Success

Occupy Wall Street Demographics

Social Consumer Sharing

Can Facebook Get You a Job?