Congratulations VFS Digital Design Class 27

Congratulations Digital Design Class 27! There is nothing more rewarding as a teacher, mentor, and design professional than seeing the remarkable work and dedication you showed throughout this amazing year, followed by the privilege of sharing a few last moments as you launch; and in some cases re-launch your design careers. For us it is bittersweet and it is difficult to let go of this experience. As educators we would love the opportunity to instill one last word of wisdom but the other hand we now get to welcome you as alumni, and more importantly, as colleagues.

Thank you DD27’s  for an remarkable year, and on behalf of all the VFS instructors, TA’s, and support staff, we would like to wish you all the best in your journey ahead. It has been an absolute pleasure to share this experience with you.

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Experimental Practices: Light Painting

Digital Design Class 28 students took part in a light painting session this past week. The students captured interesting light trails and patterns by using slow shutter speeds and various light sources from smartphones to LED flashlights. Here are some of the results.

light painting

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Monsters Within Us

In term 2 of Motion, Digital Design students were challenged to create monsters and implement an animatic. Here is a snippet of what Henry Chu (of class 29), thinks on this project.

“At the Digital Design program, students are often times challenged to solve tricky but highly rewarding problems with our quickly developing design skills. It was no different for the DD29s as we had to design and create a monster for our Emerging Ideas class with Nida Fatima. However, instead of designing for a class assignment, we’ve decided to have more fun. With a bit of Wacom magic, endless cups of coffee and a whole lot of mindless entertainment and laughter, a whole new class of DD29s were born. On behalf of our monsterized selves, we say hello! Go ahead and pick your favourite one, we don’t bite (or do we?).”


Wearable Technology and eHealth: Final Videos

We are so excited to unveil the students promotional videos of their Wearable Technology and eHealth design solutions. The final deliverable of this course is a 90-second motion piece that tells the story of their design process and how their solution adds value to meet the users needs.

One challenge they were given is to present rough prototypes mid-process. A key objective of this video is to provide a current snapshot of the work and explain what next steps they would take if given resources of funding, experts and time.

I am pleased to present the final videos (after the Read More break), enjoy!

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Wearable Technology and eHealth: Lesson Five


Student prototypes of wearable objects and smart phone interfaces are starting to shape up. This week the students have refined their ideas and each group is iterating and refining the user experience of their solution.

Physical mock-ups of their wearable devices are being developed as the simultaneously work on the interface of the corresponding app. Using the POP: Prototyping on Paper app they were able to add interactions and test the system. Rapid Iterations are encouraged as students test and refine (and repeat) to gain valuable user feedback and make improvements.

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