DD Talks recap: How to Engage Your Audience in a Digital World

On November 17th, VFS Digital Design presented a DD Talks event titled How to Engage Your Audience in a Digital World. Leigh Badgley, a Vancouver-based filmmaker and TV producer, spoke about her adventures in transmedia storytelling with a focus on her work for the popular television series Ice Pilots NWT. Leigh has a strong understanding of combining traditional television and documentary programming with digital components and using film as an important agent of change.

Leigh outlined her project goals using interactive media to create audience engagement for the show, to drive people to watch the show, and to raise funding for all new media ventures. She spoke about the collaborative design process she had working with the interactive designers for the website and how they had to adapt to production challenges such as frozen video equipment due to the extreme weather. Throughout Leigh’s presentation, storytelling was clearly important to the success of this project. The presentation ended with a Q&A session after Leigh shared some insights from a recent Pixar workshop she attended. Specifically, there is a basic but fundamental structure a writer can use to shape a story:

Once upon a time there was ___. Every day, ___. One day ___. Because of that, ___. Because of that, ___. Until finally ___.

Thanks, Leigh!

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November 2015 DD SLAM winners

Congratulations to the winning teams from our most recent Digital Design SLAM. These intense and fun collaborative design challenges take place three times per year. They provide great opportunities for students to test their design skills and to build their networks as teams are formed from all three intakes. Slams also allow students to potentially gain another portfolio piece in a short timeframe. Deliverables include both motion and interactive design components. Here are the winning teams that captured the prizes for Critics’ Choice and People’s Choice categories, respectively.

Team Slash (from left: YJ Lee, Fernanda Herrera, Ainara Sainz, Maryam Bandi, Nikki Ji, Sukhwinder Singh)

Team Em Dash (from left: Alex Seebaran, Jay Lee, Melissa Choi, Ana Maria Posada, Vanessa Lim, Karina Contreras, Peter Lu)

Epic Light Painting

As part of Experimental Practices, an elective course in term 4 taught by Dougal Muir, there is a fun session of light painting photography that I conduct. Some of these images were from that lesson, and the rest were from another session: The other students in Digital Design Class 33 had seen the previous results and wanted to create more light paintings. We made use of a camera remote, a tripod, slow shutter speeds and various LED lights. Here are some of the epic images created as a result of our collaboration.

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2015 Vancouver User Experience Awards

Congratulations to DD alumnus Henry Chu for winning at the Vancouver User Experience Awards. Henry’s graduate project, Kinforman Android mobile and smart watch application that enables geographically separated families to share and to track their health information, won in the UX by Students category. Finalists also included DD alumni Juhi JaferiiKelsey Hemphill, and Jordan Barber. The awards gala was held this past Wednesday, and entries for the UX Awards were judged based on five criteria that included joy, elegance, simplicity, innovation and impact.