Digital Design Grad Draws Inspiration from Architecture

If you think about markets for motion graphics, India might not be the first country to spring to mind. But with the largest film industry — by films produced — in the world, and a digital design industry that successfully weathered the recent recession, India has emerged as a significant consumer of design work.

When Movies Now, an Indian television channel providing Hollwood movies in HD, approached DixonBaxi to produce motion strands, the agency turned to Digital Design grad Vinny Morales to create them. Vinny, who works under the name Kultnation, found inspiration in a variety of places:

Architecture is one of the many; graphic design and photography would be second on the list, and they all merge together in three concepts: form, light and space. With the help of motion design and CGI, I can iterate and explore new boundaries between these three concepts on different graphic and visual levels.

Vinny’s creativity benefited from tight direction from Dixon Baxi’s Director, Simon Dixon, who tailored the open brief with  specific requirements in terms of style, colour palette, and animation. As for India’s emerging role in the digital space:

This was my first project for the Indian market, so I’m not sure about this. I do know the Indian market’s getting bigger and drawing a lot of attention from big companies. Wouldn’t surprise me though if we see more work from them in the following years.

You can see more of Vinny’s work on his website.

Digital Design Heats Up with a Mexico City Summer Intensive

Designers have the power to change the world. They connect us through evoking emotion, sharing information, and influencing the way we see and interact with everything around us.

Los diseñadores tienen el poder de cambiar el mundo. Nos conectan a él evocando emociones, intercambiando información e influyendo en nuestra forma de ver e interactuar con todo lo que nos rodea.

VFS Digital Design students are storytellers and problem-solvers. They spend one year broadening and refining their skills in communication, interactive, and motion design. Graduates go on to work in a wide variety of rewarding roles in the industry, including User Experience Designer, Interface Developer, Communication Designer, Typographer, Motion Designer, and Project Manager.

Los estudiantes de Diseño Digital de VFS son narradores y solucionadores de problemas. Invierten un año en ampliar y perfeccionar sus habilidades en la comunicación y en el diseño interactivo y de movimiento. Los graduados consiguen trabajo en una amplia variedad de funciones muy satisfactorias dentro de la industria, incluyendo diseñador desarrollador de interfaces, Diseñador de Comunicación, tipógrafo, diseñador de movimiento, y gerente del proyecto.

For the first time ever, you can experience VFS Digital Design in Mexico. In five days, you’ll get a chance to see what it’s like to be a VFS student in a hands-on intensive program led by our faculty of industry professionals. Each day, you’ll be exposed to techniques and processes that will help define you as a designer.

Por primera vez México podrás experimentar el Diseño Digital de VFS. En cinco días, tendrá la oportunidad de ver lo que es ser estudiante de VFS en un programa práctico intensivo impartido nuestros profesores, todos ellos profesionales de la industria . Cada día, estarás expuesto a las técnicas y procesos que ayudan a definirte como diseñador.

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Photos from Digital Design Talks: Spaces

Spaces, held last month as part of the Digital Design Talks series here at VFS, featured an eclectic and exciting mix of expertise: onetime Disney Imagineer Jan Sircus, Art Director/Designer Peter Cocking, iQMetrix’s Anne Forkutza and Nancy Sun, and Digital Design student Cherie Korol. It was a great chance to learn and explore the notion of ‘space’ in design. Here’s a short slideshow of photos from the event!