SLAM : Whoa! Nellie

Slide for Dgital Design Slam Juy 20 2012

Today, the Summer Intensive students joined with the rest of Digital Design students and Foundation students to participate in SLAM, a regular event at VFS that places students into teams to compete against each other by creating a campaign for an actual client. This time the client is Vancouver Bike Shop Whoa! Nellie.

Slide describing the Target Audience
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Digital Design Summer Intensives 2012

Summer Intensive for the post

Are you curious about Digital Design? Join us with a week of Summer Intensive program and experience wonders and become a Super Hero!

The VFS 2012 Summer Intensives are open to anyone 17 years of age or older.

Classes start on July 16th and run until July 20th, register for two or more 2012 Summer Intensives and receive a 10% discount off your course fees.

Into sight with Motion Graphics —The Importance Of A Good Reel

As our graduate projects come up over the horizon & into sight here at VFS, all the mentor pitches and networking with creative professionals provide a great opportunity to start making a name for ourselves in our fields of interest. And what better way to do so than with a short motion graphics reel that can give anyone insight into my skills, interests, and style.

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A gift for my daughter: A 3D animation of a Maori legend

A few months ago I found a legend on how the oh so beloved kiwi bird from New Zealand lost it’s wings, and I’ve been adapting it into a 3D animation short as a gift to my daughter, which means I got some time till she’s old enough to watch it!

The legend is about the Maori God Tane Mahuta, guardian of the forest and the birds. He finds himself in need of help when he discovers that his children (the trees) are being eaten by vicious bugs. He asks the birds of the forest for their help and the kiwi is the only one who is brave enough to say yes. There’s a bit more to it than that — you can google the legend or just wait for my film!

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A Visit with Motion Design Pioneers, Sequence

Our visit with Sequence began with a warm welcome from Producer, Dan Sioui and Digital Design alumnus, instructor and Sequence motion designer, Eric Wada. They showed us the different areas of the studio where concept artists, designers, video editors and animators work. Originally focusing on design and animation, Sequence has grown to embrace both live action and interactive platforms, including multiple offline and online post production suites. Over the past six years, they have built a creative space where the scope of a project is limited only by their imaginations. When asked what they look for in a prospective hire, they advised students to create a short demo reel (no more than two minutes) that showcases different styles to demonstrate a diverse skill set that is valuable. And they value applicants who check their ego at the door.

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