Chalk Art: Dana Tanamachi

Chalk Art

Dana Tanamachi is a Brooklyn based graphic designer and chalk letterer. She did a lot of packaging design when she worked for Louise Fili, who is pretty much one of my favourite artists of all time. And being a big fan of Louise, I can see her influence in Dana’s work. I’ve always admired chalk artists because it’s such a delicate art form.

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The Vein Magma

Dvein, a filmaking and animation collective in Barcelona, Spain, created a visual adventure video for adobe, and the song they used is named The Vein Magma.

When playing the video at first I saw some white mountains with rivers, but when the camera starts moving you can see that it’s not a typical landscape,but a landscape made of melted colors and strange forms.

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The wonderful art of Man Ray

Les Larmes Photo by Man Ray

I saw Man Ray for the first time when I was in university. My photography teacher showed the class many pictures and one really caught my attention: Les Larmes by Man Ray. What is really interesting about the picture is the contrast between something natural, like a face, and something artificial (tears and eyelashes). Also, the composition is very unique; I was not expecting to see a face photographed from this angle. It is an amazing picture.

I was so fascinated that I researched him and discovered more of his amazing works, including the Rayographs. As  a contributor to the Dada and Surrealist movements, Man Ray innovated with peculiar techniques. It’s worth it to check out his website and his life history. I am sure that you will be amazed by his work, like I am.

Anonymous Artist/s Bored Turn Chicago Streets into Game of Monopoly

A neighborhood in Chicago was “revamped” into a life-sized Monopoly board! This street-art installation was done by an anonymous artist (or group of artists) called Bored, who decided to put life-sized props from the famous board game, Monopoly on the sidewalks of the city. Some of them were huge dices, chance cards and community cards, and even the little green and red houses you can build on your land!
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