Grad a Print Mag Finalist

Recent Digital Design alum Jenny Kim – she graduated in August – is one of three finalists for Print magazines’s 45th Student Cover Competition!

In fact, all three finalists are Canadian, although the competition was open worldwide.

The description alone makes it all worthwhile: “Kim took a grid of formal graduation photos and inserted a picture of herself with an iguana on her head.”

How can you resist? The winner gets featured in an upcoming issue of Print. Voting closes on December 12, so cast yours now!

ABCs of Typography

Cover: Typographique Abecedarium We’ve seen what happens when our Digital Design students let loose their motion graphics mojo on the subject of Typography. But what about the Print Designers?

Generally, Digital Design students are given assets to work with to make a small book. In the past, we have worked with local award-winning publisher Simply Read Books. Simply Read Books has allowed us to use professionally prepared images and text for children’s books.

This class did a special version of the project, The ABCs of Typography.

The “special version of the project” spanned classes and even terms – the students created the basic assets of The ABCs of Typography in Typography class, and in the next term’s Print Design class, they all drew from that pool of assets to create the books, which were printed at school and bound professionally.

The results are simply stunning. They did an exceptional job of sharing ideas and assets and produced a great array of well-designed books.

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The Multi-Functional Designer

shark-week.jpg Anyone who goes through Digital Design knows the philosophy of the program: a good designer is a provider of creative solutions, who can work in any medium, and is equally adept freelancing or working as part of a team at a large studio.

Graduate Renee Alarid couldn’t embody that philosophy any more if she tried. We caught up with Renee to hear about her career thus far, from the Discovery Channel to AOL.

How do you describe yourself as a designer?

I describe myself as a multi-functional designer… some days I am a print designer, or a web designer, or a motion graphic designer. It really depends on what job I need to accomplish. I love all three and I can’t really focus on one aspect of ‘graphic design’.

What kind of design do you enjoy most?

egypt.jpg Oh, that’s a toss up… for me, print is the most enjoyable part of design. A lot of people forget that print design is still a huge part of the industry. I love it… I find it to be very creative and rewarding. I had an ad that was in Time, Newsweek and The New Yorker; let me tell you, it was such a thrill to see it in those magazines. I remember it like it was yesterday, I was at Barnes and Noble jumping around like a child at Christmas’¦ needless to say, I bought four copies of each, and told everyone that I created those ads.

How did you first get started doing work for the Discovery Channel?

I started working at Discovery Channel on a two-week contract in March of 2006. I was hired to work on the Affiliate campaign of Shark Week. From there, my contract was extended, and I worked there for a year and a half.

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