Digital Design – wearables and the prototyping phase – OOMPH!

Our DD29′s have been busy in the workshop coming up with new and innovative tools and uses using various technology and household items. In this class we got into rough and tumble prototyping of our ideas. Students have been researching various sensors and technologies to help them realize their solutions to their briefs but this lesson was more about form factor and what it means to make a truly successful ‘wearable’ product.

Here we see Henry self-sewing his prototype basketball sleeve. Henry is designing a sleeve that will help bballers with their shot.
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IDEO Human-Centered Design for Social Innovation

“The Design thinking process is best thought of as a system of overlapping spaces rather than a sequence of orderly steps.”
Tim Brown & Jocelyn Watt, Design Thinking for Social Innovation

Recently, I completed the +Acumen and IDEO course Human-Centered Design for Social Innovation with three recent graduates from DD27, Sarah Gillis, Denise Villanueva and Daniel Quintero.

For the seven-week course, our team tackled the design brief “How might we enable more young people to become social entrepreneurs?” We felt this topic was hyper-relevant to Vancouver’s entrepreneurial and start-up culture. Our team went through a rigorous UCD process that moved through the three spaces of Inspiration, Ideation and Implementation outlined by the IDEO.

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Digital Design Talks: 2014 Digital Trends by Nik Badminton

On Wednesday January 29, 2014 VFS Digital Design presented another in its series, Digital Design Talks, featuring current and past students, as well as key industry representatives of the Design field. The theme for Wednesday’s talk was 2014 Digital Trends and the speaker was Nik Badminton, Principal at DesignCultureMind.

Nik has a background in psychology, human interaction and social network theory, as well as 18 years of experience, starting out in software and management consulting, moving into the world of advertising and finally opening his own Product and Innovation Consultancy, DesignCultureMind. The 3 areas covered in his presentation were; People, Business and Things.

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Vine Star Meagan Cignoli

Vine Screenshot from website

About a month ago I downloaded the Vine app on my phone. The final project of VFS’s Motion 1 class is to create a 20-40 second stop motion video. So Vine is a great source of inspiration for this assignment. It also gives me a way to practice making the videos on my own. It is a lot of fun to use. It is like Instagram but instead of pictures, it uses five-seconds of video. The app is so simple to use that it makes stop motion possible for almost anyone.

One of my favorite Vine users to follow is fashion photographer, Meagan Cignoli.

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