Storytelling in a Flash

I was new to Flash and Actionscript 3.0 when we were tasked to create an interactive storybook of our choosing in term 3 here at VFS. I chose H.G. Wells’ “the Invisible Man”.

I redesigned the story, first published in 1897, after comic book adaptations such as “Sin City” and began to work with the complex particle engines that would add the dramatic sense of place to this classic story.  Box 2D, Away 3D, and the Flint Particle system helped complement the palette of monotones and fiery reds in this modernized comic book styled account of “The Man With No Face”. Having to build the project in sections, I implemented the city as a persona to the main character for the purposes of keeping the story linear.


Big Wins at the 2011 Salazar Awards

The Salazar Awards are handed out every year by the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada (BC), and recognize the best in student design work for that year. This year, VFS Digital Design students walked away with two of the major awards and an Honourable Mention in the Motion Design and Interactive categories.

Kim Oxlund won in Motion Design for ‘Paper War‘.

Also for Motion Design, Luis Barros and Bruno Marchand were given an Honourable Mention for ‘Cyclus‘.

And in the Interactive category, Salim Hassan, Arcelia Ocana, and JL Lum won for ‘Square One“, an interactive website aimed at sharing immigrant experiences with new immigrants.

‘This area of the country is occupied by immigrants,’ says Salim’s mentor, Mark Busse, of Industrial Brand. ‘Smart, talented people who, were it not for the kindness and support of their community, might struggle to find their way when they arrive in Canada. Square One can act like that community and help others find their way. The people here work hard. Very hard. So did the team behind Square One. So much so, that even though I was technically only Salim’s mentor, his dedicated team mates showed up to many of his mentor meetings.’

Congratulations to everyone!