Recap of Draw By Night #44: Monster Make-Over

On March 9th, VFS hosted the 44th Draw By Night event. The theme of the drawing party was Monster Make-over. It was meant to celebrate monsters of all types. Student Services once again provided art supplies, snacks and games for the party. At the end of the evening, the participants created an inspiring collection of wonderful drawings of monsters. See you at the next Draw By Night!

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DD Talks: Understanding Market Psychology

Last week, Nick Black, Managing Partner at Intensions Consulting, visited the Digital Design campus to speak about “Understanding Market Psychology“. Nick is an expert in market research and market psychology. Over the past ten years, he has lead research projects across Australia, Asia, Europe and North America for global clients including Coca-Cola, Intel, Movember and 20th Century Fox. Nick discussed how data can be used to predict behaviours, and how market psychology can be used to create opportunities for influencing the actions of a target audience. He generously shared Intensions Consulting’s framework to create more impactful campaigns based on examining six psychological drivers that influence the behaviour of human beings. Thanks, Nick!

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Appetizers Industry Night

Appetizers Industry Night is an evening where graduating students present the project they’re most proud of from their year at VFS Digital Design to a room full of industry professionals. In this video, Louise Lee, Head of VFS Digital Design, takes you inside Appetizers to see some of the amazing student projects, and we hear from some of our inspiring instructors and industry mentors.