Making Something Ugly at FITC

I was fortunate enough to be invited back to FITC in Toronto this past week. FITC (Future Innovation Technology Creativity) is my favourite design conference, and they delivered in a big way this year. Now in its 12th year, this conference serves designers and artists of all types.

My talk stemed from a course I teach here in the Digital Design program called Experimental Practices. This course happens in the second half of the program. The premise is, now that you’ve learned the tools, here is a relaxed environment to experiment in and put those tools into practice. There are a series of exercises to get students going with the hope that it instills in them a way to maintain their own personal practice along side of their client-based work.

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Graduation and Awards Show : Class 24

Graduating Class 24

On Thursday, April 18, 2013, the 24th Class of the Digital Design program had their Graduation moment and then celebrated each other’s accomplishments at the Award Show.

The evening started off with Digital Design’s Program Manager Lizzie Hudson who introduced our host for the evening, Digital Design’s Head of Department, Miles Nurse.

Miles thanked the families for their support, which the students definitely appreciate and need during the rather intense year-long program. He thanked the students for their professionalism, for their endurance and fierce dedication. And he reminded them of their incredible achievement during the program. He asked them to reflect on how much they had actually produced during this time, and reminded them of what a great opportunity it was for them to be that creative — producing more work in one year than a lot of professionals manage over the course of their careers. He also reminded them of some of the fun that was had, and pointed out the importance of embracing failure, of failing often and moving on. He said that VFS doesn’t change who you are, rather, it shows you what is possible — what you are capable of.
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Danny Chan’s Custom MUNNYWORLD Designs on Behance Toy Design Served

Behance Served Toy Design with Danny Chan on their front page

Danny Chan, VFS’s Digital Media Specialist has his MUNNYWORLD designs currently featured on the Behance (owned by Adobe) website, Toy Design Served. Any reader of OOMPH! has seen a lot of the amazing photographic work that Danny does, and you may have seen a few of his famous Dot Drawings too, in which case you already know what a talented artist he is as well.

According to Toy Design Served, their “editorial team features only a small number of projects every day. With many thousands to choose from, we look for work that promotes new thinking in its industry.” They “feature top work in the toy collectibles category. The Served curation team chooses projects that move creativity forward in their respective industries, among a host of other top-secret but not-that-difficult-to-guess selection criteria.”

Two of Danny Chan's custom MUNNYWORLD designs

We’re going to suppose that means it’s obvious why they chose to feature Danny Chan’s work — because it’s Awesome!

Digital Design Welcomes New Instructor Zach Bulick

Hello My Name Is Zach Bulick

VFS Digital Design is pleased to welcome our new instructor Zach Bulick.

Zach Bulick is a Canadian Texan hybrid working in design and illustration in Vancouver, BC. He loves people, problem solving, type, and terrariums. He still gets blown away by the internet and people. When he’s not making things or being curious, you can probably find him restoring furniture, posting photos to instagram, or eating tacos. He claims it’s usually the last one. But seeing as his Instagram account has nearly 107,000 followers (!), we suspect he does a fair share of posting too ;-)

Currently, Zach is the House Designer at Union Gospel Mission, and also works some freelance — we’re happy to announce that he’s teaching Typography here at Digital Design.

FITC Is Ugly (in a good way)

Myron Campbell: Make Something Ugly at FITC

I had the pleasure of finally speaking at one of my favorite design conferences: FITC (Future.Innovation.Technology.Creativity.). There were many great talks over the 2 full days of lectures. But while I appreciated the talks on responsive design and new web tools, I really enjoyed the presentations of all the cool stuff some speakers were making.
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