Our next Digital Design Talks event will be held on Wednesday, November 9th at 4:30pm!

Ainara Sáinz Gutierrez and Alejandra Porta from Unbounce will be presenting on how research makes great design possible.

Ainara’s Bio:
Ainara is a Vancouver-based Interactive Designer with a background in Graphic Design, who currently works in the Marketing Team of Unbounce. For the last four years she’s been working in multidisciplinary teams to convey intuitive digital experiences and products across web, tablet and mobile devices. She’s an art addict and believes that by experimenting and playing with design you can improve people’s lives.

Alejandra’s Bio:
Alejandra Porta is an Interactive Designer at Unbounce. She loves branding, typography, illustration and user research to create better UI experiences. After working as a surface designer and a soft good product developer for a few years, she realized she wanted to improve her digital design skills and this led her to VFS. Vintage shopping, art, bikes and lattes bring her joy as well as meeting and connecting people. She values being a great team player and is known to have a big heart.


Upcoming DD Talks event: WHY FEAR IS YOUR SOUL MATE

The next Digital Design Talks event will be held this Wednesday, August 10th at 4:30pm.

Michelle Knight is a Copywriter at Pound & Grain Digital Creative Agency. She has created campaigns and interactive stories for brands like CMT, SAP, TELUS, Escents, HeadsUpGuys, and Vodafone in Ireland and Canada. Her background is stitched to a BA (Hons) in Media, Film, and Psychology, and an MSc in Creative Advertising. She is currently exploring virtual-reality’s role in communications.


Recap of DD Talks with Secret Location: Building Digital Experiences

On May 25th, Noora Abu Eitah, Executive Producer at Secret Location, flew in from Toronto to discuss “Building Digital Experiences” at a DD Talks event. Noora is an award-winning producer who oversees the overall management of operations and production at Secret Location. She has managed the production of several transmedia projects for broadcasters and entertainment producers and works with the rest of Secret Location’s leadership team on new business and original projects, with a focus on successful execution and deployment. Her presentation started out with describing the studio’s creative process and project team structure of 7-people pods. Secret Location employs an agile project management style which is also taught at the Digital Design program. They have daily standing-only scrum meetings to maintain communication between team members in a short and timely fashion. Secret Location makes use of greyboards to provide clients a visually more descriptive layout and look of a project compared to standard wireframes. This is part of a unique process that involves using grey boxes and shapes as an intermediate design step before creating final designs.

Secret Location is known for its work on emerging platforms such as virtual reality (VR) having won a Creative Arts Emmy Award for Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media category for User Experience and Visual Design in 2015 for The Sleepy Hollow: VR Experience. Noora presented an overview of the process and challenges they faced in creating VR projects. She discussed the different types of available VR hardware and their latest mobile VR game, Blasters of the Universe. Noora ended her presentation by answering questions such as how motion designers play a role in prototyping projects and the importance of understanding compression and file formats for VR deployment.

Thanks, Noora!

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2016 Predictions: The Year of Consciousness

On February 10th, Nikolas Badminton spoke at a DD Talks event titled, “2016 Predictions: The Year of Consciousness”.  Nikolas is a world-respected futurist speaker who presented his four bold predictions about how the world was changing for the current year:

  1. The Rise of the Wisdom Economy
  2. Internet of Things Becomes Responsible
  3. Facebook and Google Become Health Companies
  4. The Zero Marginal Cost Economy Gains Momentum

His insights can be found at nikolasbadminton.com. Here are some images from the event. Thanks, Nik!

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DD Talks recap: How to Engage Your Audience in a Digital World

On November 17th, VFS Digital Design presented a DD Talks event titled How to Engage Your Audience in a Digital World. Leigh Badgley, a Vancouver-based filmmaker and TV producer, spoke about her adventures in transmedia storytelling with a focus on her work for the popular television series Ice Pilots NWT. Leigh has a strong understanding of combining traditional television and documentary programming with digital components and using film as an important agent of change.

Leigh outlined her project goals using interactive media to create audience engagement for the show, to drive people to watch the show, and to raise funding for all new media ventures. She spoke about the collaborative design process she had working with the interactive designers for the website and how they had to adapt to production challenges such as frozen video equipment due to the extreme weather. Throughout Leigh’s presentation, storytelling was clearly important to the success of this project. The presentation ended with a Q&A session after Leigh shared some insights from a recent Pixar workshop she attended. Specifically, there is a basic but fundamental structure a writer can use to shape a story:

Once upon a time there was ___. Every day, ___. One day ___. Because of that, ___. Because of that, ___. Until finally ___.

Thanks, Leigh!

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