A Slam Dunk Success!

Slam Awards

The Slam is an institution here in the Digital Design program. This hyper-intense, one-day design sprint occurs three-times a year. It brings together multiple classes of Digital Design students in what is always a mind-blowing experience. So, what was the brief this time? Well, only to re-image the grocery store shopping experience!

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Draw By Night #17 at Maker Faire

The Vancouver Maker Faire was host to the 17th Draw By Night party. The Maker Faire was a two-day celebration of making and creating so we DBNers felt right at home. It was an all-ages family festival promoting the ethos of DIY on a large scale attracting hackers, drawers, inventors, craft-makers and many others.

DBN was fortunate enough to have a space in the middle of the Faire with its signature sheets of paper stretched across 4 long tables. The theme was “The Uncollectables” where participants would draw misfit toys and robots that have been long forgotten or escaped attics, warehouses and old toy stores.

We had hundreds of people pass by the event along with many Digital Design students taking part and drawing on real toys. The whole Faire, organized in part by alumna Emily Smith, was a huge success and we can’t wait till next year!

Mexico City: Enjoying the Sites

The Mexico summer intensive was amazing. But the trip wouldn’t be complete without taking in the sites of Mexico City. Miles had to head home but Danny and I stayed to enjoy the sites — from the Plaza San Jacinto to Downtown to the Anthropology Museum.

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