Designing for the eHealth and Wearable Technology Revolution!

Here is our brand new collection of connected and wearable devices, which we will be experimenting and playing with as part of the newest VFS Digital Design course – “Wearable Technology and eHealth” – which will be taught by Karen Whistler. We have JawBone and the UP band, the latest Fuelband, Hue and Sphero!

However, this course is about more than play—we will be using the devices for hands-on experience with emerging technology. Students will be using them to unpack and validate thinking behind the underlying tech and how systems like these will integrate into all aspects of our lifestyle in the near future. In this course, the final deliverable will be to prototype an eHealth solution.  This will be shown through a Case Study video that communicates the Big Idea, initial prototype and pitches where the project would head next if given adequate funding.

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Light Painting session in Experimental Practices course

Light Painting

Yesterday morning, we had another fun light painting session in the Experimental Practices course. After a short presentation to cover camera settings, light painting techniques, and to review some sources of inspiration, the group of students worked well together to create some stunning images. Have a look.

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DD/EBM Motion Machines

Collaboration is one of the main approaches we use at VFS, and term one allows students their earliest experience in managing the complexity of working in teams. The Motion Machine team building exercise, which is part of the Project Management course, introduces students to team dynamics in a fun and challenging way. A twist on this day was the integration of a new Entertainment Business Management class into the teams. This was a great icebreaker for the students from the two programs to get to know one another in a team setting.

Inspired by a Rube Goldberg machine, the students are given a box of dollar store items and the objective of keeping a marble in motion for as long a time as possible, with it ultimately landing into an egg cup. The teams work to create the best contraption that meets the design objective. At the conclusion of the exercise, the students are tasked to review the experience and to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their team designs. They’re also asked to describe the level of participation among team members and outline what process they went through to resolve design decisions and any issues of conflict.

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Digital Exquisite Corpse by Macarena Poo Garcia

In term 5, students partake in a surrealist exercise called Exquisite Corpse. It’s an experimental exercise that happens in Experimental Practices. This is a course that began my teaching career at VFS and this is the longest running assignment I’ve ever set. (And maybe the most fun because I selfishly get to take part!)

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Experimental Light Painting

Myron Campbell teaches an elective Experimental Practices course in the second half of the Digital Design program that focuses on fostering creativity. The lessons encourage the process of implementing experimentation to create source material for further digital manipulation. I help with the technical setup for a particular lesson involving in-camera photo effects such as light graffiti and multiple exposures. By using slow shutter speeds and various light sources, we can capture light trails and make use of painting with light to expose select parts of the subject. This class is always fun to be a part of.

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