Duelity in Motion

Still from Duelity

Want to have your mind blown?

You’ll know the dynamic duo of Marcos “Boca” Ceravolo and Ryan Uhrich from their hit Typographics, which has been seen by over 500,000 on Yahoo! Video and talked up on design blogs the world over. But that was just the teaser.

Now Boca and Ryan have made available their sumptuous, enormously ambitious final project, Duelity.

Here’s how it goes – imagine the story of Creation shown through the cold lens of science, and Evolution told as a biblical tale. It’s a head-spinningly complex splitscreen experience and demands repeat viewing.

We saw all of the final motion projects from Boca and Ryan’s class at their graduation earlier this month, and believe us when we tell you that every last one was incredible. Fantastic work, all of you!

Designers Set Sights on Adobe Awards

Adobe Design Achievement Awards The Adobe Design Achievement Awards are given out annually to top design students in a host of categories, from motion graphics to photography to interactive design. Winners get a trip to San Francisco for the awards gala, cash, and a pile of Adobe software.

Naturally, our own Digital Design students are right in the mix. Four of their projects made it to the semi-finals this year, including Dave Murawsky‘s Anatomy, Natasha Ali‘s “My Love” music video, and Typographics by Ryan Uhrich and Marcos Ceravolo (a.k.a. Boca), all in the Motion Design category.

To top it off, we’ve just caught wind that Boca’s been named a finalist and will be heading down to SF for the August 2nd ceremony, for another piece – his beautiful Term 2 live action project, Drop:

Tasty Typography

Check out this snazzy student project done by Boca (aka Marcos Ceravolo) and Ryan Uhrich for the most recent term 4 Motion Design Class in the Digital Design Program. The piece is called Typographics. Here’s what Boca had to say about the piece on a DD discussion board:

“Our objective was to use type as the main aesthetic and design element to create awareness about the evolution and main characteristics of typography. Both the music and voice over used in the piece make reference to 1950′s TV and Radio advertising. We are targeting designers and non designers who have an interest in typography and want to learn more about it.”