The Family Tree

Recent Digital Design graduate, Michael Meng, emailed me today to share an interesting infographic he came across online — The Ad Agency Bloodline.

Created by the Barbarian Group for the folks at creative talent recruitment agency, Vitamin T, this graphic visualizes the launches, mergers and acquisitions, since the 1800′s, of the big ad agency players. In our Industry & Career Preparation course, we often discuss the history and evolution of the advertising industry, so Michael thought this data visualization would be a great educational tool. Thank you, Michael! And thank you, Vitamin T!

VFS Students Learn ‘How to Speak Digital Design’

The language of digital design is complex and technical. From ligatures to heuristics, folksonomies to interstitials, ethnographies to nomenclatures — it’s enough to make anyone’s head spin. Then consider the fact that our student body is incredibly international. Imagine trying to wrap your head around all of these terms when you’ve only just arrived in North America and have 60 hours a week worth of studies?!

Enter, the Digital Design Lexicon

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