Joshua Davis Visits VFS

Joshua Davis There’s never a boring day at VFS. Case in point: This week the school had one of the world’s most audacious and innovative web designers over for a visit. Ever since the launch of his seminal website Praystation and its even more experimental offshoot Once-Upon-A-Forest, Joshua Davis has been considered a true artist in the world of Flash-based graphic design. Joshua’s work incorporates chaos theory, interactivity, and randomized content to create stunning, organic imagery generated by Flash Actionscript at runtime. In other words, each time the code is executed in Flash, Joshua makes a totally unique image.

Buzzing on his own incredible creative energy (plus at least two cans of Red Bull in the space of an hour), Joshua took Digital Design students and guests through a step-by-step Flash presentation that laid out his entire creative process from early code experiments to final results for clients like BMW and Adobe, as well as contemporary art exhibitions across the globe. Many examples of his process can be found at his workshop page, and it’s all open source so you can figure out for yourself how he’s done it. Joshua’s unflinching honesty, unsoaped vocabulary, DIY ethic, and willingness to answer any and all questions made his visit to VFS a unique opportunity to look into the mind of a true master.

Duelity in Motion

Still from Duelity

Want to have your mind blown?

You’ll know the dynamic duo of Marcos “Boca” Ceravolo and Ryan Uhrich from their hit Typographics, which has been seen by over 500,000 on Yahoo! Video and talked up on design blogs the world over. But that was just the teaser.

Now Boca and Ryan have made available their sumptuous, enormously ambitious final project, Duelity.

Here’s how it goes – imagine the story of Creation shown through the cold lens of science, and Evolution told as a biblical tale. It’s a head-spinningly complex splitscreen experience and demands repeat viewing.

We saw all of the final motion projects from Boca and Ryan’s class at their graduation earlier this month, and believe us when we tell you that every last one was incredible. Fantastic work, all of you!

Boca Goes South

Guerilla Poster A while back, we told you about soon-to-be-Digital-Design-graduate Boca (aka Marcos Ceravolo) was going to San Francisco as a finalist in the prestigious Adobe Design Achievement Awards. It was a big deal to be recognized, and while his Drop didn’t win, it was still a great experience – and a free trip.

And it isn’t over yet. Boca sent a dispatch to the DD Blog tonight from San Diego, where he’s working for Adobe – along with some of his fellow finalists – at the Guerilla Studio at SIGGRAPH! The Guerilla Studio team had to pull together 12 posters in 36 hours, and Boca shares the results with us all over on the DD Blog.

Incidentally – and we’ve been waiting for an excuse to post this one – Typographics, the motion design piece Boca made with classmate Ryan Uhrich, was featured on the front page of a little while ago!

VFS Festivals & Awards – 2007

The Design of Happiness

Inside thehappycorp courtesy of This Ain't No Disco The last time we spoke with grad Mark Miller, we were touching base with the members of DD01, the very first Digital Design graduating class. Mark had landed a job in New York City with Firstborn Multimedia, designing user interfaces, and all was good.

But Mark had very specific plans for what he wanted to do in the design industry post-VFS. “After leaving school, I had hope to find a position that would allow me to do some brand development and print design with a focus on interactive design,” he says.

So he signed on with aptly-named thehappycorp global in SoHo, to work in an office so cool the site This Ain’t No Disco ran a profile. His work with the agency allows him to do what he wanted – branding, and design for both screen and print – but thehappycorp also throws regular parties to bring creatives of all stripes together under the name LVHRD.

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Big Night at the Salazar Awards

Sindicato by Carlos Guimaraes Digital Design students and grads made a big showing at the Salazar Student Design Awards last night with a near-sweep of the Interactive & Motion Design category. It was the very first time VFS had work up for Salazar consideration. Impression: made.

Carlos Guimaraes took top prize in the category with his Angolan hip-hop motion project Sindicato. Stefan Belavy (Link.TV), Jeff Greenberg/Eric Wada (Orgasmic Brand Condoms), and Ryan Uhrich/Marcos (Boca) Ceravolo (Typographics) all picked up honourable mentions.

The awards are run by the BC Chapter of the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada, and our friends over at Emily Carr hosted the ceremony. After the awards, guests were treated to a presentation by design luminary Ian Grais.

salazar-awards2.jpg Winners of each of the three categories took home $500, and winners and honourable mentions alike will get their work featured in the GDC newsletter, distributed to design firms across Canada.

Unfortunately, Carlos was out of the country and couldn’t accept his award in person, but the rest of the gang were out in force.

Great work, everyone!

Pictured left to right: Marcos (Boca) Ceravolo, Stefan Belavy, Eric Wada, Ryan Uhrich, and Jeff Greenberg

VFS Festivals & Awards – 2007

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