Soy Totalmente Palacio : Mexico’s El Palacio de Hierro Advertising Campaign

El Palacio de Hierro is a very important department store in Mexico. It is the luxury retailer for designer brands. For the past 15 years they’ve had an advertising campaign that is very powerful and has been very successful. The campaign, Soy Totalmente Palacio, uses cliches about women, shopping, and life in her favor, generally combining an image with a very strong phrase. The image above reads, “Sight, Smell, Hearing, Touch and Good Taste.”


I believe that even though the Soy Totalmente Palacio campaign has been going on for a really long time, it keeps coming up with fascinating phrases and amazing images and videos.

Here’s are some more examples of the El Palacio de Hierro advertising campaign:

It’s not vanity, it’s self-love.
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Behind The Process: How’d They Do It?

Behind The Process is a great resource that I stumbled upon recently. The blog gives us insight into the creative process behind some of the best work in design, photography, and technology. They are a relatively new website, so they don’t have a large archive yet, but the content that they have released so far is definitely worth checking out. Add them to your RSS reader to stay in touch with some of the best from behind the scenes!

The Family Tree

Recent Digital Design graduate, Michael Meng, emailed me today to share an interesting infographic he came across online — The Ad Agency Bloodline.

Created by the Barbarian Group for the folks at creative talent recruitment agency, Vitamin T, this graphic visualizes the launches, mergers and acquisitions, since the 1800′s, of the big ad agency players. In our Industry & Career Preparation course, we often discuss the history and evolution of the advertising industry, so Michael thought this data visualization would be a great educational tool. Thank you, Michael! And thank you, Vitamin T!

Digital Design in Mexico Part 4: Inside TERAN/TBWA

I was in Mexico City recently for a whirlwind trip that included speaking engagements, meetings with technology companies, ad agencies, and interactive firms, a visit at Universidad Anáhuac, and a VFS Digital Design Open House.

Check out the previous installments of this week’s series:
Part 1 – Video interviews with Mexican Digital Design graduates
Part 2 – Meeting the Mexican design community
Part 3 – My visit to Universidad Anáhuac

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“It’s About Helping With Design”

Digital Design grad Ileana Hierro‘s Sandbox project required many hours of research, brainstorming, and hard work. As her final project at VFS (and now her portfolio’s centrepiece), she built an in-depth branding guide from the ground up, conceptualizing a global non-profit organization that aims to strengthen communities in the process.

Ileana knew early on that she wanted her final project to not only show off her skills as a designer, but also her passion to help others.

‘I wanted to show that, as designers, we can do commercial and non-commercial work,’ Ileana says. ‘Then I wanted to show that, with design, you can help solve problems’; It’s not just about selling design; it’s about helping with design.’

She decided to focus her project on highlighting the lack of children’s playgrounds in her hometown of Mexico City, and offered her solution to the problem: convert the city’s wasted and/or unused spaces into playgrounds.

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