Visit with Blast Radius

Digital Design's 25th class take a tour of Blast Radius

When we first told that we would be touring Blast Radius, I didn’t really know what to expect. Prior to our tour, I assumed they were just another big design agency whose only focus was making money and pumping out work. However, upon entering Blast Radius you can immediately feel the sense of pride they take in their projects and the people that work there.
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Digital Design Graduate Success Stories : Tim Chen

Tim Chen

Tim Chen has had a very interesting career trajectory, which since he first came to VFS with an Electrical Engineering degree from the U of Calgary and graduated from Digital Design (then called Interactive Media) back in 2004, has led him to Blast Radius, to one of the top 10 MBA Programs in the USA (Businessweek rated) (University of Michigan Stephen M Ross School of Business) to round out his skill set with Business Administration, to interning for a year with Microsoft Advertising Business Group, where since 2010 he has been working full time. Oomph spoke with him recently about his journey:

Oomph : You first graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering, can you tell us why you first came to study design at VFS ?

Tim Chen : Believe it or not, I moved to Vancouver after college because I read amazing stories about Blast Radius and really wanted to join the company. I decided that moving to Vancouver and attending VFS to study Design was what I needed to do. The skills I learned and the network I built at VFS helped me achieve my goal — I  became part of the amazing design team at Blast Radius. I’ll never forget how as an Interface Development Lead, I worked closely with such a talented Art Director & Creative Director, to deliver Nike Flight Club, an exclusive invitation-only e-commerce channel for Nike Jordan.

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Blast Radius co-founder & VFS alumnus Gary Stuart talks about his inspiration

Gary Stuart co-founder of Blast Radius

VFS alumnus, Gary Stuart, co-founder of Blast Radius, recently met with us to talk about his time here at VFS Digital Design (back when it was called New Media).

He tells us, “I really enjoyed my time with the program. Not just because of the tools, the instruction and the subject matter, but because of the people I was in class with. Everyone was hungry. Everyone was passionate. It was not just an opportunity to create — it was an opportunity to collaborate.”

He also lets us in on what inspired him and fellow VFS students, Francis ChanLee Feldman and Gurval Caer to found the Vancouver agency, and just where the name Blast Radius came from.

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Blast Radius: Marketing Magazine’s 2011 Agency of the Year Finalist

Blast Radius has been shortlisted for Marketing Magazine’s 2011 Agency of the Year award. Founded by VFS Digital Design graduates — Gurval Caer, Gary Stuart, Francis Chan and Lee Feldman — Blast Radius has gone on to achieve phenomenal success working for clients globally, such as Vodafone, Electronic Arts, Jordan Brand, Starbucks and many others. Congrats on the nomination!