Digital Design Talks: Originality

Digital Design Talks - Originality Originality. Some say there are no new ideas. Can that actually be true? Then how can a designer appear fresh and creative? How do we avoid being labelled a copycat or derivative? Are ‘original thinkers’ just creating an illusion? Or are they blessed with some mystical mojo? On January 18th, Digital Design will  explore the subject of Originality with three guest speakers — a motion guru from San Francisco, a student with a unique style, and a video conference presentation from an award winning alum.

We’re very fortunate to be starting the event with Tim Shetz, a bay area designer, instructor, and mentor who’ll kick off the evening with a presentation called ‘Be An Originator, Not a Duplicator’.  Tim has been working in the design industry in the San Francisco area for over 18 years. He currently spends most of his time providing guidance and inspiration to motion designers at a couple of design schools (including VFS) and through, the web-based video tutorial site he founded.

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