Visit with Mozilla Labs


Mozilla Fox

A group of Digital Design students recently visited Mozilla Labs as part of an Industry and Career Prep course. Studio tours are organized at the midpoint of the program to provide a glimpse of life after VFS where students can connect with industry, experience different work environments, and explore career options. Students visit motion design studios and interactive agencies of different sizes and specializations. Mozilla Labs was conveniently located near the VFS campus, and the students were fortunate to have David Ascher, Director of Mozilla Labs, lead the tour. The office space inspired creativity with the colourful walls adorned with interesting artwork and the use of customizable modular desks. The students were very delighted to see a friendly fox as a fixture of the office.

Mozilla has sought to move the Web forward by creating products that promote openness, innovation and opportunity. David shared with the students some of the experiments and prototypes that supported this mission. He also conducted a Q&A session with the students and provided some insight and guidance on what would make the students more valuable when they enter the workforce.

Thank you, Mozilla Labs!

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