Upcoming Art Show by Christian Whiticar and Mitchell Villa

Christian & Mitchell Art Show

Digital Design alumni Christian Whiticar and Mitchell Villa are having an art show opening at Untitled Art Space on Friday, May 13th. Christian works as a Senior Motion Designer at Sequence and Mitchell is a full-time artist based in Victoria. The exhibition is curated by Lauren D. Zbarsky and will showcase a collection of paintings by each artist which includes two large murals that they collaborated on.

A Visit with Motion Design Pioneers, Sequence

Our visit with Sequence began with a warm welcome from Producer, Dan Sioui and Digital Design alumnus, instructor and Sequence motion designer, Eric Wada. They showed us the different areas of the studio where concept artists, designers, video editors and animators work. Originally focusing on design and animation, Sequence has grown to embrace both live action and interactive platforms, including multiple offline and online post production suites. Over the past six years, they have built a creative space where the scope of a project is limited only by their imaginations. When asked what they look for in a prospective hire, they advised students to create a short demo reel (no more than two minutes) that showcases different styles to demonstrate a diverse skill set that is valuable. And they value applicants who check their ego at the door.

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