2013 SIFF trailer Is No Small Task


Still from 2013 Seattle International Film Festival trailer by Christopher Harrell and Juan Carlos Arenas

VFS Digital Design alumni (class 15) Christopher Harrell and Juan Carlos Arenas, and current designer/animators at World Famous, a production house in Seattle, have collaborated as directors to craft the trailer for the 2013 Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF). It was a joint project between WDCW (Wong, Doody, Crandall, Wiener) and World Famous. The final product was 60 seconds, but over 900 man-hours were logged to create the miniature models and sets before filming took place.

Juan Carlos Arenas working on one of the miniatures from the trailer

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Christopher Harrell’s Surreal Art Direction For Fashion Lookbook

Still from Christopher Harrell Fashion Video

Digital Design grad Christopher Harrell directed this unique fashion video, which features portraits for Cairo Collection‘s Winter Lookbook 2012 inspired by the strange and somteimes surreal work of artists Charles Ray and Alexandro Jodorowsky.

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Wonders Start Here

Vancouver: Wonders Start Here
This video popped up in conversation the other day and I realized that it never found its way onto OOMPH. In early 2010 VFS was approached to work with Microsoft to help them create a video pitch that shows how Vancouver, rich with creative talent and innovative ideas, has been the location for the gensis of a long list of important and influential tech companies. Wanting to tap into this very energy that the video would promote, Ian Bell and Denis Pilarinos immediately thought to contact VFS.

For this special project a team of graduated digital design graduates were assembled and given access to equipment and a special computer lab for what was at the time a top-secret project known strictly as ‘Project Vancouver’. The students were Jeanette Seah, Matt Simon, Christopher Harrell, Shawn Hight, Kasey Lum, and Nate Slaco. Jenny Bourne, a recent grad from the Entertainment Business Management program was added to the team to help with production. You can read about her contribution on the VFS.com blog here.

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After Appetizers: Recent Digital Design Grads Look Back

Appetizers! Food, drink, and delicious bites of design. Now, doesn’t that sounds like a good reason to ditch the office for a couple of hours? Especially if it means first dibs on some of the hottest young designers in the city.

Back in April, many of Vancouver’s top design creatives and recruiters gathered at VFS for the Digital Design program’s first “Appetizers” graduate showcase. These three-minute, rapid-fire presentations generated a talent feeding frenzy during the mingler that followed.

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