Danny Chan’s Dot Drawings (Superbowl Special) : Dot Vader

Dot Vader by Danny Chan

Yes, VFS Media Specialist Danny Chan — who provides most of the fabulous photography you see here on OOMPH! — has produced another one of his great dot drawings. It was only last week that we featured his Optimus Prime, but he was inspired during last Sunday’s (Feb 3, 2013) Superbowl game to create this great rendition of Darth Vader — or as he prefers to title it, Dot Vader — and we felt a strange force compelling us to show it to you. He tells us that he missed the first quarters of the Superbowl working on this. Which force was with whom?

Thanks Danny for another awesome drawing!

Danny Chan’s Dot Drawings : Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime Dot Art by Danny Chan

VFS Digital Design’s Media Specialist Danny Chan  has provided us with another in his series of Dot Drawings, which has so far featured the likes of the Dark Knight and a Storm Trooper — This time it’s of Optimus Prime.

Danny Chan also does a great deal of the photographs of VFS students and of key VFS events.

Nice work Danny!


Danny Chan’s Dot Art : A Trooper For All Seasons

Danny Chan Storm Trooper

What with the news of another trilogy in the Star Wars Saga being recently announced, Danny Chan was inspired to give us another one of his great pieces in his series of Dot Art Portraits. This time it’s of a Storm Trooper. We were originally going to post it over the holidays, but decided that a Danny Chan piece is good for any season — Enjoy!

Danny Chan’s Batman

a rendition of Batman by Danny Chan

Anyone who knows Digital Design’s Digital Media Specialist Danny Chan, knows that he’s into Batman, and they also know that he is a great photographer, but they might not know that he’s also a very good digital artist. I’ve seen enough of his work to know this is representative of his style, and I think it suits this particular rendition of the Dark Knight perfectly.

Here’s how he did it: “The digital illustration was created using one layer, one brush style, one undo, a limited colour palette, with no opportunity to edit a saved version. Each detail was meticulously created with taps from a tablet pen and clicks from a computer mouse.”

Nice work, Danny!